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  1. Next build. Will update. Tack welded.
  2. Rumblefish 24" Cruiser prototype. 2nd Rumblefish made. This is my Restomod, a mix of old and new to make a very cool bike. Tig and Fillet braze frame. Rumblefish seat post topper. Carbon rims, titanium spokes, alloy nipples and Campy sheriff hubs. Troy lee seat, Tune cranks. Just to name a few.
  3. My wife has been bugging me to get a tandem. I've spent most of my life riding and racing bikes, bikes of all types but I feel most at home on a Bmx bike (my first love, and my wife knows this. we started dating my wife in 1981 but my fling with Bmx started much earlier, 1972 my first Bmx race. See my profile for pictures.) So if I'm going to have a tandem it might as well be a Bmx tandem. They're easy to find. I used straight gauge .049 4130 chromoly. I had two Dyno VFR frames and thought this would be a good low risk start. I did most of the work myself but I did have help from a friend, mainly with the welding. One of the cool things about the bike is a custom bottom bracket eccentric that I made that works with the standard large BMX bb shell. I added two binder bosses with bolts and split the bb shell. This works really good for the timing chain between cranks so you can adjust the chain after putting the sprockets on. After buildin this frame and got it powder coated, it may look black but its a nice metallic navy blue. It's straight, rides nice but very hard to do a 360 tail spin on. Also my wife is holding me back on bunny hops. Thanks for looking.
  4. Hi, I am Richard Kerr founder and owner of Rumblefish Bmx products. I want to set the record straight. I do not know Bill Grove or I did not even see his bike till 3 or 4 years ago, believe it or not. I happen to stumble upon one on eBay and could not believe how much it looked like my bike. Please see the following: 1) All I have is photographic proof in print. Go to usabmx web look in the USA Bmx photos go to Fall nationals 1990 coal canyon There are 4 or 5 pictures of both my prototype 20" and 24" bikes. 2)March 1991 Bmx plus exotic bike article. 3) July 91 (cover and five pages) Bmx Plus test 4)October 91 ( cover, 5 pages) Bmx Plus "project featherweight" 5) April 1992 Bicycle Guide "Hot tubes" 6) Where and when could I have seen his bike prior to fall 1990. I say fall 90 because this is earliest proof. That's not from me. 7) does anyone know that in 1991 Alpinestar had made a single main tube bike? Called the Cro Mega. I had the 20" prototype built first by arc n spark and then I had them build the 24" for me. This was early spring 1990. I believe the coal canyon national was the first time I had them out in public. I test the bikes mainly out at twin palms in Riverside ca about less then 5 miles from my house. I rode out there during the week when nobody was there. I did not want anyone to see it till after I knew it would work and I hammered the bikes. Also I did not want to get knocked off. So when someone, who I don't know and doesn't know me said I "stole the design" This upsets me. Ask him how mad Bill would be if someone accused him of thief right out in the open. On a Bmx website. Aside from my family, Bmx has been one of the most important part of my life. I'm call a thief and nobody even got my side of the story. Well there is one person who post the Grove connection. I talk to this person and gave them the story, I was told the info would be corrected but it took years. I have grandkids that race Bmx and I don't want them doing a web search (like I did) and find something like this. Richard Kerr
  5. 1991 Rumblefish Barracuda Cruiser My name is Richard Kerr founder/ owner of Rumblefish Bmx products My main race bike, production frame & fork from first run #10 of that run. I won a lot of races on this bike and made more national mains on this then I didn't. I rode this bike everywhere. Dirt/street/race. This bike was featured in Bicycle Guide magazine In the "Hot Tubes" section of the magazine. Hot tubes is were they showcase high end bikes and boutique builders. The first and I believe only Bmx bike to ever appear in the magazine. I raced locals, doubles, triples and nationals. I put a lot of miles on this bike. In fact a year ago October I broke my right arm on this very bike at Yucaipa BMX track riding with my grandson. When I designed the Rumblefish cruiser I used the geometry from an RRS cruiser with one change. I moved the bottom bracket shell back. This shorten the rear end with shorter chain stays. Also you have more room from the pedals forward and the seat tube is 73 degrees making the seat tube more upright and moving your body more over the center of the bike when sitting down. The seat tube on the RRS is something like 68 degrees. Maybe not that far buts it's pretty laxed. This bike rides like a 20" but with the 24" wheels it more stable. After nearly 30 years of ridding, still going strong. The magazine article is shown and a picture of me at coal canyon national 1992 on the same bike.