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  1. John learned how to back flip, first into foam pit the off ramp. IMG_2486.MOV
  2. My grandson John ”Johnny Rumblefish” Kerr airing it out at Yucaipa Bmx. 7X
  3. Bicycle Motocross. It was to emulate motocross. As a kid I loved motocross. I had a motorcycle and a bicycle. When I could not ride my motorcycle I rode my bike. I had motorcycle handlebars a tank, fenders with a mud flap and 3 number plates on my bike. I tried to make my bicycle to look like a motocross bike. Like others I would put cards in my spokes and also a balloon to sound like a 4 stroke motorcycle. 1972
  4. 1st Rumblefish frame built. Had to over come chain line issues and resign the rear end for production. Frame was built with True Temper chrome and Columbus Nivacrom (40% stronger then 4130). All tubing was manufactured in the shape that’s on the frame, it’s not round tubing smashed into an oval. In the mid 80’s I could buy a GT Pro Series frame and fork from GT for $35.00. The main tube on the Rumblefish cost me $35.00 from True Temper. Just a single tube was $35.00. Not all chromoly is created equal. Standard 4130 is relatively cheap. Tubing from company’s like True Temper (sadly out of business) and Columbus are much lighter and stronger but cost much more. Geometry was taken from a Rebel General Lee. I really like the way this bike rode. It came out of the gate quick and fast. It turned very good and was stable in the air. A well rounded bike. Short rear end and long front. I design all my bike to be race oriented first, I grow up riding and racing Bmx and motocross. I always loved the factory built motocross works bike of the day. This was the idea of Rumblefish, a works Bmx race bike for pro riders. Thanks for looking. Thanks for looking.
  5. My son shot this picture of my grandson John “Johnny Rumblefish “ Kerr the other night at Grand Prix BMX, Perris, CA I hope you enjoy it and thanks for looking.
  6. Here’s some Robinson history that you may or may not Know. I went to the shop one day (Riverside Schwinn) and there was a new frame and fork set that they had just got in. The frame and fork was a Track Master. It had the black and white checkered decals on it. There was a Track Master head tube decal on it but this was different then other Track Masters I’ve seen. This was a new model that I had not seen before. Although it did look familiar. The model was branded “Revenger”. It looked exactly like a Robinson, I asked one of the guys at the shop about it and they told me that Track Master builds frame and forks for Robinson. FYI Track Master also built frame and forks for RRS Racing and some other brands. So back to Robinson. Robinson ordered a run of f/f and when Track Master got done with the order Robinson could not pay. So Track Master had time and money invested in the order, so to recoup their money, they had new decals printed and labeled them as Track Master Revenger. This was in the early 1980’s. I do remember that with the “R” stamped in the gussets, the name Revenger was perfect. I know that this is not the only time they did this.
  7. I think this picture shows the Rebel a little better.
  8. I saw this Rebel topic and wanted to add to it. I rode for lighting express and they gave me a Rebel General Lee frame and fork to ride. I loved this bike. Long front end and short rear end. I got great starts on this bike, due to the short rear end. BTW can anyone identify the tracks in the pictures? (I should have scanned the photos instead of taking pictures but scanners down)
  9. I quit racing at around 24 and I was racing pro. I came back about 4 years later and got re-classified to amateur so I could race cruiser. The class was 26-30 and I soon found out that all the guys I raced against in the pro class did the same thing. The class was super fast. The next class up was 31-35 and more age groups The 31 and over classes were just like you, dads who were already at the track so why not race. The difference in speed was huge but it should be. Then the riders got older and the 31-35 class was fast and so on. Now you go to a national and guys like Billy Griggs are racing 46-50 and Harry Leary and Turnell Henry are racing 61 and over. The days of an ez, slow, old guy cruiser class are gone. Just think about it. When you were a kid at the track would you have ever thought there would be a 61 and over class. I remember a full page picture in I think it was BMXA with the caption “cardiac cruiser“ and the riders were all around 26 year old.
  10. If we are talking about 24” wheels I run 40-18 everywhere and I love it. That is with a 24 X 1.50 rear tire. But I must admit I’m a spinner and for me it’s all about the start, HOLESHOT! If you want to build leg speed get a nice set of rollers and spend a lot of time on them. Rollers not a free standing trainer.