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  1. I think this picture shows the Rebel a little better.
  2. I saw this Rebel topic and wanted to add to it. I rode for lighting express and they gave me a Rebel General Lee frame and fork to ride. I loved this bike. Long front end and short rear end. I got great starts on this bike, due to the short rear end. BTW can anyone identify the tracks in the pictures? (I should have scanned the photos instead of taking pictures but scanners down)
  3. I quit racing at around 24 and I was racing pro. I came back about 4 years later and got re-classified to amateur so I could race cruiser. The class was 26-30 and I soon found out that all the guys I raced against in the pro class did the same thing. The class was super fast. The next class up was 31-35 and more age groups The 31 and over classes were just like you, dads who were already at the track so why not race. The difference in speed was huge but it should be. Then the riders got older and the 31-35 class was fast and so on. Now you go to a national and guys like Billy Griggs are racing 46-50 and Harry Leary and Turnell Henry are racing 61 and over. The days of an ez, slow, old guy cruiser class are gone. Just think about it. When you were a kid at the track would you have ever thought there would be a 61 and over class. I remember a full page picture in I think it was BMXA with the caption “cardiac cruiser“ and the riders were all around 26 year old.
  4. If we are talking about 24” wheels I run 40-18 everywhere and I love it. That is with a 24 X 1.50 rear tire. But I must admit I’m a spinner and for me it’s all about the start, HOLESHOT! If you want to build leg speed get a nice set of rollers and spend a lot of time on them. Rollers not a free standing trainer.
  5. I got this bike a year or 2 ago. I it’s a Greenline, it’s my second one. I paid $45.00 for it. When I got the first one I thought it was a Yamaha motobike when I was it on Craigslist but after seeing it I realized it wasn’t. It was cheap so I got it. I had a Yamaha bike when I was a kid and I loved it. I never heard of greenline or seen a knock like this. Thanks for looking.
  6. The last place I used was UTV speed inc. I had the sidehack coated and some parts. I had two colors done, both were colors were two coats each. A chrome base and a translucent color. They got it done the next day. $100.00 minimum per color, not per coat. They did a good job but did miss masking a few places. They are over behind pedal power bike shop. In the same business complex. Seven S powder is in that same complex, never used them. Plus there is another powder coater in that same complex. Good luck.
  7. I was using r&r powder coating but I recently had a falling out with them. Missing eta’s by weeks. Storing parts outside in the back lot and parts getting missed placed. I dropped off a frame to have it powder coated blue and when I picked it up it was root beer (the guy never takes notes). I’ve had a couple parts done the wrong color. I was very forgiving because the work was good and the price was reasonable but when I dropped off the sidehack for my grandsons to get done they missed the second eta and they said it would be weeks before it would get done. I got into with the owner, well let’s just say I won’t be going back. So I’m looking for someone new. Thanks for your comments on my bike.
  8. I need to finish putting this back together. I took it a part to get new powder and rebuild it. This bike is the most fun bike I have ever ridden. I raced Bmx, mountain bike downhill (Mammoth mountain kamikaze downhill) and dual slalom, street riding and single track mtb. It’s just a very fun bike to ride. Based on my 24” Rumblefish Barracuda with front and rear suspension and front and rear Magura hydraulic rim brakes. I built this in 1991 for the Mammoth mountain Kamikaze downhill and dual slalom race. I got it done the day I was leaving for the race and had to wait for the rear shock to be made and the guy who was making the shock bailed on me. So I packed up my wife and kids and drove 6 hours to Bishop. Spent the night there and got up early morning and drove to the airport in mammoth and tracked down a welder to have new my old shock mounts cut off (mount were made for shock I didn’t get) and have new mount welded on for other shock I had for a back up. Got bike together and rode the bike for the first time from the car to the of the dual slalom.
  9. 2021 Rumblefish CS (custom shop) 18” wheel sidehack. I have been building a lot of different project, this being one of them. When I started I was unsure what to call them. I decided that anything that was not a single main tube design would be called Rumblefish CS (custom shop). This way I could still use the Rumblefish name but with a different logo. The hack is built using 4130 chromoly throughout and tig welded. I designed this from scratch, trying to build it to scale and small enough for younger kids without being to big. The hack is welded to the frame for Strength and light weight. The frame with hack is as light or lighter than most bolt on hacks. This being for younger kids I wanted it to be light and not over weight. Making it ez to ride and maneuver on the track. The grandsons love it and have a lot of fun riding it. Thanks for looking
  10. Not only a tab for a fender but also a kickstand mount. The original sting was an unexpected, high end and very cool build from schwinn. This is not unexpected from today’s schwinn. Just sad.
  11. I lived on Astoria dr. It was off the first street past NV. My back yard wall was on Tyler. I knew Leon, I don’t know if you ever see him but ask him about the rainy day he missed school because of what happened at the bus stop.
  12. Can’t seem to fix it. Like I said I have issues with this site.
  13. No the table that was talked about in stater brothers is still there. I’m sure this is what he’s talking about.There was also a few other jumps there and in the field across the street behind Adams Elementary school.The best thing about living and riding in Riverside back then was it seemed every empty field was some kind of track or jumps. When I was a kid my family moved to Riverside, it was October 1976. We moved into a house in Park Vista behind NV. It was dark when we got to the new house so I had no idea what was waiting for me. In the morning I got up and got my bike to check out my new surroundings. Tyler st was over my back fence and across Tyler was “The Crater” an old dried up reservoir. Really cool jumps and lots of riders on both bikes and motorcycle.I hated leaving my old home in Lakewood but after about a week of riding and exploring on my bike and my dirt bike l was like Lakewhat? For a Bmx / motocross rider this was the best place ever. I hated school but imagine my excitement when I found out that my new school (Wells intermediate) had a Bmx team and Corona downhill was the track we raced. My brother was on Norte Vista’s motocross team. Riding spots in Riverside. The crater. The church jumps (Joe Claveau’s BMXA hot shot photo was shot there.) Bonsai (where Lee Medlin and Kevin McNeal’s ACS ad was shot, I was there) G force, I the same field as Bonai. The Sandhills, end of Tyler next to twin palms (twin was not risen then) also where Kevin McNeal crash and sustained a serious head injury. Jones track, Arlington and Jones. (Not an official track) Twin palms. End of Crest ave. I tried to list them from earliest to latest. Also the race tracks, Sear track behind Sears off Streeter and sierra. Jones track, the downhill track. At the end of Jones st. Not far from the Jones track listed above. Jones track, the 2nd track at the same location as the downhill track. All the above tracks were run by Kevin McNeal. Twin palms track, NBL I believe. Again earliest to latest. A brief history of BMX in Riverside CA. It was a great place for Bmx. Sorry for the large font, I have problems post on this site
  14. This bike was featured in Bmx Plus magazine as project featherweight. It was on the cover and five pages inside. Project featherweight was to build the lightest pro bike possible. The bike came in at 18 lbs 6 oz. Bike could have been lighter but time would not allow it. The bike had a Titan titanium fork on it in the magazine (I still have the fork). The Rumblefish prototype handlebar are chromoly/carbon fiber, originally the bars were chromoly/aluminum (I still have the aluminum parts) This is the fastest accelerating bike I have ever ridden period. And yes I have race this bike.
  15. If you were at those tracks then I would say you almost certainly seen this bike. Well maybe not this bike but an earlier version of the bike. When I rode for RRS I raced an earlier 20/16. It was a standard RRS 20” with brackets welded to the rear dropouts. The brackets extended downwards so the bike would sit level. If I remember correctly the brackets used were the mounts used for training wheels, believe or not. You may have also seen Jumping Jimmy Pratt or Donnie Graves racing that bike. Both Jimmy and Donnie were factory RRS riders at the time and both raced at Norco Y.
  16. Was that the stater brothers on Arlington and Adams across from harvest church? If so I remember riding there. Mike use to live down the street from there on Adams. The Bandito rider might have been Leon Philpot. He lived in riverside but was younger and I never remember those two riding together. I could be wrong though.
  17. Mike Miller the announcer at Yucaipa Bmx track gave him that nickname when John started racing strides. Mike calls my younger grandson Wade (5) “Rumbleguppy”. I have another grandson Luke (2) who has yet to start racing. I don’t know what his nickname will be and I have a granddaughter on the way. Bmx was such a huge part of my life as a kid and into adulthood (with full support of my wife) and to have my son and grandsons involved like they are makes it that much more meaningful.
  18. My Grandson John “Johnny Rumblefish” Kerr went to the Grands and brought home some cool stuff! BTW I idid not give him his nickname. He won 6x ROC (Race of champions)and got 2nd in 6 and under open on Friday. He depended his NAG #1 plate (National Age Group) By winning all open and 6x motos, semi and mains. Also National #17. For those keeping score thats ROC #1, NAG #1, National #17 and State #1 Sorry but I’m a very proud Papa Wheelie. Also he’s a 3rd gen Bmxer
  19. Tange prestige chromoly, 21 1/4 top tube, 14 1/4-15 1/2 chain stay 24” front wheel and 22” rear wheel.
  20. Next build. Will update. Tack welded.
  21. Rumblefish 24" Cruiser prototype. 2nd Rumblefish made. This is my Restomod, a mix of old and new to make a very cool bike. Tig and Fillet braze frame. Rumblefish seat post topper. Carbon rims, titanium spokes, alloy nipples and Campy sheriff hubs. Troy lee seat, Tune cranks. Just to name a few.
  22. My wife has been bugging me to get a tandem. I've spent most of my life riding and racing bikes, bikes of all types but I feel most at home on a Bmx bike (my first love, and my wife knows this. we started dating my wife in 1981 but my fling with Bmx started much earlier, 1972 my first Bmx race. See my profile for pictures.) So if I'm going to have a tandem it might as well be a Bmx tandem. They're easy to find. I used straight gauge .049 4130 chromoly. I had two Dyno VFR frames and thought this would be a good low risk start. I did most of the work myself but I did have help from a friend, mainly with the welding. One of the cool things about the bike is a custom bottom bracket eccentric that I made that works with the standard large BMX bb shell. I added two binder bosses with bolts and split the bb shell. This works really good for the timing chain between cranks so you can adjust the chain after putting the sprockets on. After buildin this frame and got it powder coated, it may look black but its a nice metallic navy blue. It's straight, rides nice but very hard to do a 360 tail spin on. Also my wife is holding me back on bunny hops. Thanks for looking.
  23. Hi, I am Richard Kerr founder and owner of Rumblefish Bmx products. I want to set the record straight. I do not know Bill Grove or I did not even see his bike till 3 or 4 years ago, believe it or not. I happen to stumble upon one on eBay and could not believe how much it looked like my bike. Please see the following: 1) All I have is photographic proof in print. Go to usabmx web look in the USA Bmx photos go to Fall nationals 1990 coal canyon There are 4 or 5 pictures of both my prototype 20" and 24" bikes. 2)March 1991 Bmx plus exotic bike article. 3) July 91 (cover and five pages) Bmx Plus test 4)October 91 ( cover, 5 pages) Bmx Plus "project featherweight" 5) April 1992 Bicycle Guide "Hot tubes" 6) Where and when could I have seen his bike prior to fall 1990. I say fall 90 because this is earliest proof. That's not from me. 7) does anyone know that in 1991 Alpinestar had made a single main tube bike? Called the Cro Mega. I had the 20" prototype built first by arc n spark and then I had them build the 24" for me. This was early spring 1990. I believe the coal canyon national was the first time I had them out in public. I test the bikes mainly out at twin palms in Riverside ca about less then 5 miles from my house. I rode out there during the week when nobody was there. I did not want anyone to see it till after I knew it would work and I hammered the bikes. Also I did not want to get knocked off. So when someone, who I don't know and doesn't know me said I "stole the design" This upsets me. Ask him how mad Bill would be if someone accused him of thief right out in the open. On a Bmx website. Aside from my family, Bmx has been one of the most important part of my life. I'm call a thief and nobody even got my side of the story. Well there is one person who post the Grove connection. I talk to this person and gave them the story, I was told the info would be corrected but it took years. I have grandkids that race Bmx and I don't want them doing a web search (like I did) and find something like this. Richard Kerr