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  1. Original Araya 7 rims to the bike too. The ACS hubs were off of an old set that I trashed as a kid. The handlebars are in great shape except for the anodizing being almost gone. Not having much luck finding a good gold set that is period correct so I may just re-anodize them here in the shop. Still on the fence about it though.
  2. Well... ordered spokes and nipples to get my wheelset together. Can’t seem to find my rear Suzue hub so I opted for a pair of ACS gold hubs. Some of the lacquer is falling off but I think the spokes will actually keep it in place. Very surprised that i still remembered how to lace a wheel. Had difficulty finding Oakley 3s in black that weren’t stupid priced. Found a NOS grey pair so those will have to work for now. If I stumble on black pair later I’ll swap them out.
  3. Decided to take the advice from previous comments and just clean the frame and replace needed part with period correct components. Pics of progress to follow.
  4. The dropout stampings look like they can be used on both sides. I guess Dave back in the day prestamped a handful at a time and then during set up inadvertently grabbed another stamped dropout instead of a non-stamped.
  5. Ever seen a Blazer with 2 serial numbers??? All these years and I never noticed this. My serial No. is 1110. The other dropout has 1112 on the inside.
  6. Typically I wouldn’t be considering it but the whole rear triangle has got so much rust. The paint is gone on about 60% of the rear triangle. The front fork was always a no name brand so I’m just going to source a Tange TX500. I’m even kicking around having the araya 7s and Suzue hubs re-anodized simply because the anodizing is all but gone and it would be considerably less than sourcing NOS wheels/hubs.
  7. Hey guys. New to this forum. 1st post. I’ve had this Blazer since new when I was 10ish. My memory is crap. Asked my mother and she did tell me that the LBS owner in Beaumont TX was a family friend and built it up in front of me in his garage. I don’t have recollection of that because like I said, my memory is crap. It is Serial #1110. I hadn’t thought much of it until coming across it in my folks storage building. I grabbed it and I’m considering fixing it back up for my son to ride. The fork has a lot of the chrome plating lifting due to SETX humidity but the frame still seems solid. I would like to get an idea of what year this is. My memory is pretty foggy. I’m tempted on shooting a fresh coat of metallic blue but am concerned about not being able to find accurate replica frame decals. Any and all help appreciated.