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  1. Can still see the sticker residue...could use a replacement OG sticker...
  2. Hi. I’m new to the site and could use some expert help some parts. I purchased this survivor from someone in my neighborhood. I want to keep it as is, the grips were melting off as I touched then so they are gone. I’m pretty sure this is a Cooks Bros. Stem gen. 1 from 79’ ? The seat clamp I’ve only seen this shape on a 1980? Redline Proline. any info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi I’m new to the site and after 20 years of swearing I’m out of collecting I’m getting back into it. I recently picked up a Thruster Tri Power with all original parts from previous owner. It has a Cooks Bros. Gen. 1 stem that the nickel has spots. As well as the frame chrome etc. He had good taste and I want to keep the bike as is. No restoring but I want to clean it properly.
  4. I’m a noob and stuck on what this seat clamp is? Closest I’ve seen is a Redline Proline Clamp. It’s original on the bike but no stickers or stamps. Anyone know what it is???