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  1. Mike, Back in maybe 1983(?) I owned a s&s works replica 26” chrome that I bought from a small BMX shop here in Claremont, SoCal. As you can imagine BMX was huge in these parts at that time. Lots of works of art were being fabricated. I had mine done up in all blue annondized. It was fire as the kids like to say these days. I miss that bike every day, it was stolen and recovered twice, 3rd time not so lucky. it was 4130 and super light for a 26”. I remember the tubing being thinner than most. I would ride it in the dirt hills or my favorite was to take it to the famous ‘Pipeline’ skatepark a couple miles away in Upland CA. I never realized it in the day but I was living in the hey day of skaters and BMX. It just seemed normal to us all. I was in school with Chris Miller who shredded a combi pool like he was born to fly. I kind of sucked and was way to afraid to get crazy on a 26” but I tried. I mostly liked flying around on it trying to get girls. Thanks for the flashback. This post is from forever ago, maybe you’ll see it or someone else... BTW, I’m 52 and still doing new custom builds...for myself!