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  1. Here is the best pic I have of me in my first SE jersey. I remember it wasn't made from the typical "jersey" material, but a solid cotton blend. Pretty darn warm in the summer. I'm thinking it was some kind of cold weather jersey, or, like Steve mentioned with Rupe's, a practice jersey. I remember wearing it to middle school with such pride. I got it around the same time as my Quad. 82-83. But who knows how long it was sitting in the shop before I got it.
  2. I had the 3rd one. Right around 85-86.
  3. Thanks everyone! I took the day off work, and kept the ankle elevated most of the day with ice. It's looking better already, but still sore. I'm confident I will recover fully, and with the outdoor race season to open in about a month, I'm hoping the soreness subsides quickly. But I'm bummed by the fact that I know I will have a serious mental block the next few trips to Ray's when I look at that foam pit and debate on whether I want to have another go. I'm not a fearless rider by any means, but I sure don't need any more anxieties.
  4. We are lucky to have something as cool as Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park to ride at in the winter months in southeastrn Wisconsin. The boys and I try to get there at least once a month since the place opened a couple of years ago. As time went on, we got more and more comfortable riding the different terrains. The foam pit is obviously the most fun. This past Sunday our local track had a get togther for all our riders. Great fun and a chance to catch up with all the locals. I just purchased a 2013 Big Ripper to run through it's paces, and was looking forward to riding the beast there. Things were looking good for the first few hours. I was riding well, and the bike felt comfortable... Then, on my last go into the foam pit. For some reason I found myself in an awkward position in the air, and came down less than graceful. But, I was thinking "hey it's the foam pit, what could go wrong?" Well an even more awkward landing followed, and this was the result... After nearly ten years of being back riding and racing, and having numerous crashes both on and off the track. I know the law of averages would eventually catch up, but I still find it quite ironic that my most painful injury so far occured while pretty much riding by myself, jumping into a foam pit! I don't believe it's broken, just sprained. But damn did it hurt!
  5. Ok then. I will stay on the "riding" side of the playground, and you can stay on yours.
  6. I'm going to borrow this quote from the other thread because I don't want to be the cause for it to go sideways again. The quandry I have is this. This place is called "BMX Society". I figure that means a place to embrace the culture of all things BMX. But thread after thread, post after post, seems to be about the integrity of collecting and the purity of the "hobby". I have no problem with that I totally respect it. But what does the "hobby" of BMX really entail? For me personally, there is NOTHING more "pure" than a boy/man and his bike. Riding, racing, thrashing, or just plain cruising. In that respect, I feel as "pure" as any member here, but tend to feel like the exact opposite by certain members, Which confounds me to no end. Since they are always heralded as "the voices of reason" here. Sure, a few threads pop up now and then about present day BMX, but the ones that are the most active by the most vocal members seem to be about the purity of "collecting". So, my question is this... Is it time for a name change? BMXcollector.com perhaps? Not trying to sound like a dick, but the idea of this site being an all encompassing place for the "culture" of BMX is sort of force fed. While my perception of the true nature of it, is a place for BMX COLLECTING purists to congregate. Again I find nothing wrong with it, but for someone that doesn't really "collect", it can be quite unnerving. The amount of negativity spewed upon those that have differing opinions than the "general consensus of the site" is quite mountainous. And please don't give me "If you don't like it here, go to the museum, they love that shit". It is true I am a member there, but for a few exceptions, I find it a home for overgrown man children and borderline sociopaths. If this place really is the haven for all things that are "pure" about BMX, then why this feeling of alienation I can't quite shake? Obviously, these are just my observations filtered through my own rose colored lenses. I really do appreciate this site, and all it stands for. Just wondering it's purpose should be more clearly defined.
  7. Just to clarify, how is the term "hobby" being used in this context? I wanna know where I fall in the top 100.
  8. I was a little bored this winter, and came across a really nice 2004 SE Racing Assassin for a good price. I showed it to my youngest son, and he dug it, so we decided it was time to build a bike together. As some of you guys know, I've done the same with both my daughter and oldest boy in years past,and the experience was rewarding for all of us. Both of their bikes were based around a vintage F/F. We decided to go a little more recent with this one... After some shopping and digging through my stash, the parts started to trickle in and the wrenching began... Phase one,with BB and cranks installed at LBS, complete... Commence phase two... Phase two complete... Final phase... Completed and ready to ride! Too bad we have THIS to deal with... I guess a trip to Ray's is in order...
  9. ...and no one spray bombed their bike into a similiar monstrosity when they were a kid? If was a relic from the 80's, it would probably be heralded as some piece of survivor folk art. I'm wondering if this was a new school bike, if people would have the same reaction? I also wonder what I find more tasteless. The paint job on that bike, or dragging it over here from the museum only to bash it? I don't understand the underlying need to do that.
  10. I've actually seen a few guys riding these at Ray's this year. Tire pressure is about 6-9 lbs. Must be a bear to mantain momentum on hard surfaces. A great workout, tho.
  11. I can't say I see alot of them , but I have seen them more than a few times. I've seen even more on retro and daily riders. I guess you actually have to go to the track to see them. well you must of seen them at somebodys backyard racetrack because i've seen enough races to know that nobody competitive is riding anything hutch unless it was during the bmx society old school races a couple years ago in bellflower and even those riders had the real old school hutch parts. Depends on what you call "competitive". Are pro's and experts running them? No. But I've seen older novices and intermediates not seduced by clips sport them. Like I said, not a ton, but a few. "Backyard racetracks". You're funny.
  12. I can't say I see alot of them , but I have seen them more than a few times. I've seen even more on retro and daily riders. I guess you actually have to go to the track to see them.
  13. That was really fun to watch. Thanks for posting it Steve!