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  1. Jesus! There's been some nice bikes on here lately...
  2. I think if I didn't know you and like you, I would hate you! So jealous...
  3. I have to say when I first started back into the BMX thing I did a lot of dumb shit...
  4. I don't have to change my name for this one! Dig it!!
  5. Very cool! Maybe I should be the29”er...
  6. Very cool to see an East coast bike with the West coast homie...
  7. Oh my God that is just straight ridiculous! Love it!! Not to be an asshole but the only thing I could think of changing would be the grips to black...
  8. Only took 13 years! I wonder if Pat is still around?
  9. Oh shit Tony how did I miss this? Even Big L posted on this! That is a very cool "Strand'ie"! Big up holmes...