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  1. This is not the actual bike it's just a picture of one I found on Google
  2. In the last week I've come across 2 fairly decent mid-90s mountain bikes for free on the side of the road. This Gary Fisher bike I just picked up today seems like a very cool vintage fully suspended mountain bike. It has front and rear RockShox and appears to be stock. I wish I was into vintage mountain bikes. I'll post a picture when I get home
  3. Oh Shit! I absolutely love them. Tom will hate me but I love chain guards…
  4. I think there was a little bit of confusion. Standard transmission applies to manual. I don't see a third pedal. Still a great looking car but I'm partial to standard / manual transmissions...
  5. Does it have a standard transmission?
  6. Is that a Mopar in the back? Let's see it!
  7. Wow. Amazing what a little elbow grease can do. I absolutely love the chain guard…
  8. I guess they're all made in the same place...
  9. So very cool! Let's see a picture of your daughter on it...