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  1. Oh my God that is just straight ridiculous! Love it!! Not to be an asshole but the only thing I could think of changing would be the grips to black...
  2. Only took 13 years! I wonder if Pat is still around?
  3. Oh shit Tony how did I miss this? Even Big L posted on this! That is a very cool "Strand'ie"! Big up holmes...
  4. I'm sure BMXsociety on Facebook is awesome but I just won't do it...
  5. It's like an old school reunion in this post...
  6. True OG right there kids! Big ups homie!! Made love!!!
  7. I love it! I can't tell from the pics but the forks look good to me...but the landing gear would look sick!
  8. I dig it but I think we have learned that open face helmets are a thing of the past...
  9. Let's see a pic of your daughter with it. How old is she now? My son turns 7 this month. I would love to have a few beers with you again...made love homie!