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  1. I’m truly an idiot. Thank you for correcting me. I’ve always heard Cooks when people say it.
  2. Oops. As you can tell, I’m clueless. I thought you meant late 1980’s. I think late 1980 is exactly the number. Thank you for putting up with my ignorance.
  3. There is no way it’s late 1980. He graduated high school in 1988. He started driving a car in 1985 and the bike stopped being ridden around 1984. It has to be somewhere between 1978-1983. Please help.
  4. So helpful thank you. I think this is the crossbrace they are referring to (photo). So it must be an 81...especially if he got it for his bday.
  5. I acquired this Cooks Bros from my buddy in San Diego. He thinks it was a birthday gift around 1980,1981. That’s all the info we have. Can you guys help me figure out what model it is? Lastly, the training wheels pictured were added by his brother to help his nephew learn to ride....uncle didn’t realize what was in the garage
  6. Thank you for the compliment. I’m hoping someone will reply.
  7. I’ve got a buddy that had a Cooks Bros in his garage in San Diego. The serial number is SD 1773124 what model is this?