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  1. Thanks man. Like everyone on here bikes have been a part of my life since I was able to pedal. Always will be. The garage has been full and has been empty but there has always been at one.
  2. It has been so long (Dec, 2011) since I last visited the site. So long that I forgot my user name here (Dynopro) and had to create a new one. I have been browsing and catching up on some of the threads. Man things have gotten a bit out of control. Prices and drama wise. What have I been up to ?I left the BMX collecting to the guys with deeper pockets than I. Everything I had collected over the years was sold off when I made a series of moves from Colorado to California and back to Colorado. I have two 20 inch frames left is all. I got heavy into MTB, racing DH and some enduro. Some DJ. And that is probably where I am at for a while. I still enjoy checking out everyone's collections and glad to see BMX collecting is still going strong. It is good to see familiar names still active and doing well. I do have one thing I am looking to trade. I have a NMS (New Mid School?) Yeti SuperX XXL frame. The Jerid Graves Olympic BMX 20 frame. I would love to trade it for a NMS Santa Cruz Jackal either 20 or 24 in any color. Anyway I will be around, back in Denver so if anyone is around and wants to shoot the shit hit me up. 3oh3 552 Seven 94 nine.