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  1. TrulyOdd, Thanks. Picked it up from a childhood friend. It was in his Dad's rafters for 21 years. She is all done now. If you want to check it out, it is listed in my bikes. I am considering selling it. All major parts are original restored.
  2. I went to the Gary Turner swap meet today and saw one in person. I like the frame. The small notched drop out on the forks kind of scare me. I would like to have one...
  3. Condition of when I picked it up. I am in the process of restoring now. All the major parts are able to stay. Got the all the red stuff re-anodized, Cleaned up the rust, but decided to get re-chromed anyway. Reconditioned all the bearings. It will have new seat, grips, chain, brake cable, tires and I am replacing the spokes and nipples. The decals were not salvageable, so I have repops coming as well as I found repop pads. I also decided to change the chainring hardware to anodized. She is going to be beautiful!
  4. Also looking for decals. I have a survivor as well. Looking to clean up. Leon Philpot lived down the street from me growing up. His sister used to babysit me.