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  1. Just came across this on youtube while searching for Jeff Grossos' Love Letters Tony Alva history. If you love early 70's skateboarding you'll dig it. Also cool shots of skating under old Huntington Beacxh pier and Main street. Some cool BMX pool riding on a Mongoose and a Stingray with a banana seat around 10:17 minutes in, more at 13.40 in. Also, a cool treat of footage from the Signal Hill downhill contest. Cheers.
  2. After looking at pics further I'm positive that the BUMS II track is as indicated on the map I posted along 7th behind Bixby Hill (not that anyone was doubting, of course). I came across this pic on google search with more of the same wall and text on shot identifies it as BUMS II course.
  3. My pleasure! I added E.T. Hill to the map. I remember as a kid and local at "The Hill" kids used to come from all around on bikes looking for BUMS and at the time I really didn't know what they were talking about. Construction on original BUMS field started around 1976 I believe. Construction on BUMS II was not not long after - maybe 1978-79, I think. The Fields lasted a while longer and got even better as construction got under way on the remaining developments. Given the slope of the land the crews grated a bunch of flat-tops in succession, all leading downhill. it was a seriously fun ride from top to bottom. E.T. Hill was the steepest and kids often didn't stop in time and would hit the backyard wall of some friends of mine at 6th and Margo and come flying over in to their yard, bike and all. It was wild 1970s and 80s. some really fun times.
  4. Hello to all. My first post here but I have been peeking around the site for some years. I grew up in and still live in Long Beach, California, just a stones throw from the original BUMS Field where BMX got its start. I was born in 1971 so by the time I was hitting "The Fields" on my 36/36 Scrambler the housing development had started so it became known as "E.T. Hill" for all the freshly grated flat-tops ala E.T., which came out in 1982. So, I saw a post on here with great pics of BUMS and also awesome descriptions by Scot himself in pencil scrawl (posted by Sean?). Loved it! Some dudes asked about location and it got me thinking so hard I fell down the google rabbit hole and found a 1972 aerial image of the area. I added some notes to the image with locations. I am not certain that BUMS II was located next to Bixby Hill but some of the pics in his (Seans?) post showed a brick wall with houses behind it. That was most likely Bixby Hill along 7th Street, as it had greater slope and was a better downhill course area, but it could also be an area behind "The Hole" neighborhood, but that spot wasn't as steep and had more wetland areas so it was often muddy. Pretty sure it's correct though, because I recognize the wall since I hopped it so many times going to friends' houses! Anyway, just an old school BMX fan tired of looking at cool bikes on ebay and showing them to my wife who does not care to talk about bikes at all. Happy to be here. Cheers!