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Cw mikes??

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  1. Believe it or not.... I got to meet mike in riverside, ca. We used to jump into the stater brothers parking lot. There was a nice table top jump there. But neither me or my friend Scott new how. One day mike and some guy on a bandito showed up! And Wow man! The coolest table tops coming from these guys. At the time I knew who mike Miranda was I also knew the other guys name but forgot. Sadly. Anyway not long after that I had bought an rrs cruiser from a friend . I was just a 13 maybe offered me a CW said it was owned by mike. It looks just like the one hes power sliding in. Man! I rode that bike forever! Fixed it up just the way I like it! It had CW bars and CW lean back seat post. Comp 111 tires,both skinny! CW plate. ACS Wheels and hubs . Yellow, black and gold 2 piece cranks and a gold chain! I rode it to visit my brother. And some stole it!