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  1. Thanks all, so it seems it is a 520 with coaster tuffs. Question, I understand not refinishing the paint, what is the collective thinking on the chrome bits. Is re chroming those parts advisable? there is significant surface rust and peeling on the bars. Thanks for the guidance.
  2. Hi All, Back at my folks and found my "Pushie", thinking I will restore it for my son (me), trouble is I dont know what year it is and what it looked like new, I got it pre loved back in the day with back peddle brakes so not sure what is original and what is parts bin. I did find this http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u185/joekat27/tuff-redlines-1.jpg Any help with when this bike is from and what is original and what it might have been when new. I did like the gold rims and parts in the advertisement. Thanks all.