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  1. Definitely out of the Kozumi stable, the rear brake bridge,dropouts and matchbox with hole behind the BB is a dead giveaway. The single gusset has me puzzled though
  2. Life's never too short to have a passion for something. Totally. But threatening physical violence on a bmx collectors forum? Good luck with that. Thats 2 websites now
  3. speaking of obscure, whats the bcd between 110 and 130? because I have 2 chainrings and 2 spiders same as this one (note the holes in the chainring)
  4. So everyones on the hate wagon over a difference of opinion, good guys who are at each other throats, dishing out threats because I'm right and you're not? lifes too short.
  5. i dont normally hate on others rides but I found this to be disturbing from my own take on things.... http://bmxmuseum.com/bikes/race_inc./36363
  6. I have a question about a 78 goose frame I have. This is exactly how I got it, and someone went nuts with a polishing tool but the frame has blemishes that really dont bother me. Would you put a licensed sticker set on it or leave it unstickered? build it up with period used parts or nos my point view is and always has been that unless the frame has been spraybombed or the og finish is nothing short of shithouse, just leave it. EDIT: Sorry Steve, I realised after I posted about the site hosting thing, wont happen again.
  7. Very cool. After all the latest talk its nice to see something like this turn up
  8. yeah i know, just checking in Yeah I felt the need to come back after getting my hands on that 78 goose
  9. Brian, you should never post anywhere but here. Period. And the letter belongs with the SE research thread in the University of BMX section. I forget the author of that threads name... I kid... I kid... but wow! We never see most of you guys until a shit storm blows through. Except the cool ones... who are here every day anyway. well used to be here everyday and making a return not due to drama as such. I have nothing to do with any of this.
  10. ahoy ahoy Joe and to the other guys I havent see in a while
  11. This is going to be what its like unfortunatley. Everyday old school frames that just get a bit of a modification to make it rarer or something its not. Its a must to know the history of the frame you buy and even more to know the person you buy it from. If its true, dissapointed in the fabricator.
  12. hence why I havent posted. There is some I have built I am not proud of and I know it......
  13. These days the safest place to get a real old school frame is the tip.