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  1. I also remember the name. Sorry to hear this sad news. R.I.P Axlepeg
  2. Well done guys. Awesome builds throughout the competition. Congrats to everyone.
  3. A sad day indeed. He will be remembered for his incredible service to our lifestyle.
  4. Looks great ! It's a very cool bike. As for decals Waza does better ones better than the Redline ones.
  5. Last day of Aussie winter (25Deg C today) so I got the Rampar Team out before the rain hit.
  6. Might put some cranks on this tomorrow.
  7. Pazazz Bars. Came on some GTs ? Not 100%
  8. I love it. It's a super cool ride and your son will love it. Top job.
  9. Quadangles seem to be the flavor of the month right now. Real and fake....
  10. Cycle Speedway is big in South Australia too. Rick, your 4th pic is an Aussie pic too. There's an FB Holden Wagon in the background.
  11. Sensational ! The detail and consideration given to every single part is why the bike is top notch. Seriously cool. Well done.
  12. I have that one in my stash somewhere mate. I'll dig it out and scan them.
  13. Those "SST" hubs are machined Valisum Hubs I believe. The centers are machined and the bearings modified to accept sealed bearings. Not real hard to distinguish but all it takes is a newbie with a blurry pic on ebay.
  14. I like ACS Trucks. I had a set when I was a skater in the mid-late 70's. There are two logos but I'm not sure about the timelines. I think the BMX style logo is the later one.