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  1. Ralph's Bicycles of Downey, Ca. RULES FOREVER. Used to live in Downey, Ca. I would always go in there. They were so nice to me. I had a Chrome with blue anodized Cook Bros. bicycle out of the window, Then a chrome Hustler with Bottema forks, out of the window. 12/24/2020 now. Long live Ralph's Bicycles and all who knew him. To all bmx riders of back then, factory, or bike shop or just street bmx, you rule. I even remember Robert, their first employee, then I think, Randy, was their new younger employee who came to help them a bit later. Ralph's Bicycles on Imperial, in Downey Ca., right next to that little post office...Rules!! Hope Karen and Lynette are doing well. This is the 14 year old from back then who loved to go in there and just gaze at all the beautiful bikes, different anodized colors, the smell of the rubber from the oakley grips and bmx competition tioga tires. Ralph would always be sitting in the back, lacing up some rims for some famous rider back then. He was so nice. To Robert, the bike shop worker from back then, that little kid who used to come in and hang out, I say hello to you man. I Pray you are all well. My name is John.