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  1. Anyone know what the model with the X would be? Can't find any other pro's that don't use a P. Definitely looks like a pro x with the redline gusset but I thought that those all ended with a P in their serial numbers..
  2. Omg frickin awesome. Sell me that stem pleez
  3. Hi I was reading your post on these tires and would love to chat some more about them. I've got a few sets of wheels with only a couple of the old tires still intact and am looking for information on different sizes that were available. Also to see if there is any chance you still have any of these kinds of tires and possibly willing to part with. I still have my 1984 torker mini and 85 Cyclecraft mini that I'm trying my best to put back together for display after sitting in the attic for over 30 years. I'm not on here too much but if contacting by phone would be cool please reach out to me at (727)967-0199 Thanks! Jason
  4. Here's my very early Cyclecraft prototype mini that's unpainted and has titanium forks. The serial number on it looks pretty easy to decode, but then again I haven't seen any earlier Cyclecraft use a traditional letter/number scenario to use as a date code. Is it possible they would predate the year if they knew it wasn't going into actual production until the following year. It's easy to assume there was probably alot of testing out of different designs in the first handful of months Cyclecraft began. Mine has a double bend chainstay which I heard was quickly changed to a single bend design and the fork dropouts i think are pretty unique. I also haven't seen any gusset config. like the ones on my bike before. Although I heard there were 3 frames made like it and mine looks to be number 1. Its possible i got it in very late 84 because I turned 6yo in dec of that year and that's when I got bumped up to expert. I was based in NJ then but raced in a nat'l that was in FL and that's when I think I ended up getting the bike. Wonder if there's a way to find out dates of national events in FL in late 84-early 85. If I could date my mini Titan somehow (still have it) which is the bike I got after using the Cyclecraft for only a year, it might help pinpoint the date the Cyclecraft was made? I'd love it if any Cyclecraft gurus out there could chime in with any other info about the bike.
  5. http://Cyclecraft https://imgur.com/gallery/oWE7OmG Haven't been on here in a long time but I'm bringing this back from the dead. Check out my raw early prototype mini with titanium forks. In the middle of rebuilding it but I raced it I wanna say 84-85. Can't decipher the serial# really but it's seems to be #001 of one of the versions, might be only a few of these. Any info you might be able to provide would be awesome.