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  1. Thanks, here's an update. Received my tires and seatpost yesterday. Ended up not liking the red on the seatpost, maybe because it was a matt type finish and too modern looking, just didn't feel right. So: remove the red! Took a few hours of polishing but well worth it I think, would have to say it's done. At just under 27.5lbs she's no lightweight but has a very nice ride. Will do perfect for the intended flatland cruising planned at my summer trailer in Birch Bay once this pandemic is over
  2. Always loved Kuwahara's, since the early 80s, never owned one. Came across one in need of some love on FB marketplace for $125. Lot's of blue rattle can paint to deal with. Luckily I was able to clean up the chrome frame & Haro handlebar to a level I'm happy with, fork was too far gone, could have been painted I guess but wanted chrome so found the most affordable option on-line, added different period fork decals. Still waiting on gum-wall red tires, red chainring and a red seatpost but it's very ridable, latest picture doesn't show fork decals yet but they look great. I noticed a Makai on this forum which members guessed around 1994. My serial# is RMCD600594, maybe a 94'? Does anyone know? Curious if the frame would be chromoly, pretty heavy at 5.75lbs. I'm not real worried about the weight, I plan to use this at the ripe old age of 52 for some easy cruisin' I realize this 90s model is not as sought after as the 80s models but I'm curious of the value (my costs will be just under $400 CAD), doubt I'd ever sell it, too much elbow grease already (LOL). Has Diamond Back branded pedals which took a lot of work to restore. Anyway, I'm brand new to this forum and I'm mostly into road & mountain bikes but BMX was kind of a first love, colored snake belly tires and Elina plastic saddle in the early 80s on my budget BMX... As purchased: Partially complete: