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  1. Yeah, I’ll give that a go thanks. Might just clean up the paint and clear coat it, go for a Mad Max build Found my old tuf-neck layback and seat. Looks pretty rad! Imho. I’m a novice Dav, are you referring to the hole for the brake calliper? Looks factory done to me
  2. Thanks for the interest. Not sure what the stem is, maybe Suntour? Cranks are Keihin Where do you find the redline stamp on the bars?
  3. That ad is really cool. Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the info RL. Just confirming it's a 79 Proline Mk2? The rear brake is a dia compe lever to weinmann MX caliper. Powder coat? Okay cool. Is there a particular white they used?
  5. Hi, wanting help with my restoration project and would value any help. Thanks in advance! I think it’s a ‘79 Proline? Has a 5” head tube, serial is #341477. Was thinking of stripping and respraying as it’s a bit rusty. Bad respray done in the 80s. Any opinions on how best to do this to make it period accurate?