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  1. Recently got a Sunday/ Baker High C colab 29 inch cruiser. I started BMXing when I was a kid and then started skateboarding more through teen years but now in my mid 30s, I am trying to get back into both skating and BMX. I got the bike to use to get back into shape and cruise the neighborhoods and learn to ride wheelies and stuff. I love the bike it's awesome but its currently geared 27: 13, and I live in Kansas City, which is pretty hilly. Any suggestions on a good gear ratio I could try to give me some more power for climbing hills and torque for popping wheelies?
  2. I just got a sunday high c 29 inch cruiser. I am just trying to use it as a fun form of exercising and to learn how to wheelie again. I live in Kansas City wich is quite hilly. What would be a good gear ratio to help me navigate the hills better and learn wheelies better? I feel like my bike could use some more torque than the current stock set up has.