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  1. One correction. my frame actually does have a serial number. I never noticed that before. In cleaning it up the other day, I saw that the BB shell was very lightly stamped with a number. It is very hard to make out. I will try to make it out and post it up here. It is so light, you have to look at it at an angle in bright sun light to make out the characters. If I am going to paint the shell or re-chrome it, the number will be lost. Maybe the stamping machine went out of calibration in 87
  2. HI everyone. This is my first post on here. I recently decided to get serious about restoring my RL20-II so I have been doing some reading and came across this thread. Very interesting. I thought I would throw some confusion into the mix though. I have owned my RL20-II from new. It is definitely a 1987 model. Black with the pink decals (paint and decals long removed), the chrome BB, low small fork pegs etc. It was purchased from Rockville BMX in August 87. Mine does not have the weep holes in the brake bridge mentioned in this thread. It also has no serial number, just the Redline stamp on the underside of the BB shell.