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  1. hi guys and gals, I am new to this forum. i was speaking with a buddy about bikes from our youth and i mentioned that i still have my supergoose from childhood and his jaw almost hit the ground. my question is what is the value of this bike? i did a little research on the serial number and found that it was made in Jan of 1981 which makes sense because it was the spring of 1981 that it was purchased for me from my local bike shop. the parts that survived includes frame, forks, 3 piece crank, handle bars, gooseneck, seat post, and seat post clamp. the hardware for the crank and forks has mongoose stamped in them. the bike is clean for the most part with the exception of some scratches in the forks and where the wheels mount. i also have my first bike which is all original with the exception of tires... the bike is a 16" schwinn scrambler. any help will be greatly appreciated.