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  1. 55CID

    1979 Race Inc RA7

    Found small crack behind seat post clamp 300.00 plus shipping
  2. 55CID

    1979 Race Inc RA7

    1979 Race Inc RA7 $550.00 OBO. NICE BUT NOT PERFECT please text 847 331 6849
  3. Brian Hays Thank you very much for your help TrulyOdd yes I think I will if that's ok ?
  4. Hello everyone I've ben reading for some time but new here and still not Exactly shure if what I have is what I think may be a RACE INC RA-7 Frame ? Not shure if that Brian fella is still lurking around but he shure knows his stuff as I'm sure many of you do as well I'm not if we are aloud to discuss a fair asking price for something of this condition please advise me in your opinion please. Because if I can I'm going to list here or elsewhere if I cant. There seems to be a similar model with uper tear drop or Foiler style going for 2k but from what I remember it's a bit better looking than mine but besides it not same model anyway. If was to be made as close to perfect ther drop out would need a touch of welding to rea machine the slide perfect and Nick's rubbed out and re anodized but is completely serviceable at this moment with out that work if u want to ride it as I intended 25 something years ago I recently finished my REDLINE 720 so I'm happy with it. I should post a pic of it 2 just dont shame me for it not being entirely old school I know you guy's will anyway probably LOL! I really need to find a ACS BOA Rear mount that's An ACS 860 Front mounted back there I'll half to look in for sale anyway thanks for any information guys ! Oh Fyi those are harold forks on the race inc I do not have the fork. Thanks again