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  1. Couple better pictures
  2. Hello everybody, this is another bike I am working on redoing along side the 1985 Predator streetwise , this one a diamondback viper , not sure the year ? I think it’s a 1984 or 1986 but I don’t know ? Serial number is F6078393 . It has a sticker on the side that says ( GO FOR IT ) I believe it was on both sides but only one survived . Anybody have any ideas why it is there ? Was it from factory new ? Or somethings somebody put on afterwards which seems odd . Also the front white stem is it original diamondback stem ? Everything I have ever seen looks different then this one ? Any help would be appreciated thanks .
  3. This is my Haro that I really like and I am keeping . I just want to find a better brand bike frame to redo into like a bright green or orange with white mags !
  4. Thank you everybody for all the info and replies ! I have been thinking about or leaning on selling it , as I want to find like a hutch or on red line or Haro to redo instead . What do you think it’s worth as it sits without doing anything ?
  5. Hello , my name is guy and I would like to know if this is worth doing a restore or save ? Also will I be able to get original parts for this new or even find any old part for this to restore ? Like will this be extremely hard to find parts for this ? Or should I just keep everything that is salvageable and just fill in rest with cool new part that you can buy now like dia compe de 990 brakes and so on ?