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  1. lookin forward to seeing all you guys,it will be great time as always!!!
  2. Cant wait to watch this,I like that it doesnt look like a cheesy spinoff of joe kid. Great footage.
  3. Paid in full! A little late but thats my MO... LOL! See you guys there
  4. Kool pics, i would be worried about the stability of that launch ramp,my luck I would go thru it... nice air Bro..
  5. Fuckin nice score Bro!! I want it!
  6. Great skills you got there Bro,Da paint is almost as old as the frame.... havent heard anyone talk about that stuff in a LONG time..
  7. Bike looks Great, I like the way the Tange fork looks!! I personally would rock the 1 piece cranks,you have gone this far getting it back to OG status dont stop now..
  8. If memorie serves me right Kristevin has 1 on a 26'' GT.. gotta look for a pic to make sure. Dope piece right there
  9. bike looks great, did it come complete like that or did you build it?
  10. Im Diggin the GT, motivation to finish mine... Great work.
  11. Here's me at Snipes park circa 82,the mud hole was part of a " short cut " on the track.. .jpg]