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  1. Was that what he ran when he was riding for murray?I have some pics of him on a white one and a green one at 2 different War of stars and the frames look the same.
  2. Man i thought 150.00 for zeronine jumbo snap pads was salty.
  3. the race was in evansville,indiana.That was a factory powerlite rider.
  4. Thats me in the all black zeronine uinform hitting the gate tryn the famous harry leary sling shot.I borrowed the rims from my teamate lawn cunningham as the track was long as hell and the mags had to much drag.
  5. My friend in the back groun with the full afce helment went next and landed wrong and broke his sting in half at the head tube.
  6. The bike was a diamond back the idea was stupid.Check out the gold line leathers and gaters.The ramp was shkey as hell.We drew straws to see who would hit it first and u guessed it yours truly won.
  7. They r campys on chrome 7x's.Tried that hector and still can"t get to enlarge,Still working on it for future pics thanks.
  8. yea thats what i thought they gave me a run for my money all day.And that was my first race back on rims as i normaly ran tuffs.
  9. That is me on the tahoe racing for westlake pro bikes after i left tahoe.thats a factory clem twin riders on both sides.The track is logansport.
  10. It was one of my first bikes and they rode pretty smooth and everyone wanted to get a jersey with stars on it bitd.
  11. It was fort wayne,in.That was a sweet track and always had some fast action.
  12. I don't think craig had 24's made unless he did 2 protos for him and barry.Yea barry rode for rr from the start as i recall.