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  1. That's awesome! I'd love to see some pics if you have any, especially of the serial number.
  2. I am looking for any information around this company. I owned a '93 back in the day and have a chance to purchase another one similar. Looking for information on the first year they were produced, serial number identification as I see some of the frames start with "RF" so not sure how to figure out year, the different decals and what years those decals corresponded to with year frames were manufactured, decal reproduction, etc. Basically anything anyone feels like sharing regarding Reust Factory. Thanks!
  3. I recently purchased a 20" Reust Factory frame and fork. I had a chrome '93 back in the day so have been looking for one for several years. I am trying to figure out the year of this one as the serial number isn't the traditional 7 digits. It's shown in one of the pics. Any info/help would be great! Love all the Reusts' on this thread!
  4. Looking for info on early 90s Reust Factories. Looking to purchase frame/fork or complete, info on deciphering serial numbers, decals for reference, etc.