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  1. Just found this thread reminiscing my childhood I have a unique webco story. My father met Bob Hughes shortly after leaving the military in the mid 50's, he moved to so cal and started working for Douglas aerospace. A passionate motorcyclist he started desert racing BSA's on the weekends which naturally he searched out performance parts that led him to Webco. About that time he met his first wife Chiquito who was working in the industry as marketing editor of cycle news magazine. Jumping forward to 1977 I'm 10 years old, dad's remarried to my mom and I caught the bmx bug. I know nothing other than my half sister's mom's boyfriend is named Bob also. I'm riding a modified huffy that I keep breaking in half and begging my parents for a new bike so I could be the next bmx superstar. My dad recommended that I sit down and write letters to different bike companies, can't remember exactly who but I do know that Webco was at the top of my list! Long story short, I showed up with a pocket full of my allowance money and walked out with a brand new bike and a load of swag for I think $40. I was on top of the world! Found out a few years later from my sister that my dad insisted I pay something for the bike, not sure if it was a life lesson or his deal? I wish he was still around I would ask him. Wish I still had that bike! If anybody has one they would part with I would love to have it sitting next to my dad's old BSA