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  1. More useless trivia: That’s right & back in the day there was desks around for BMX Magazine & small track in the back yard I went over there a few time RL & his buds would be racing RC cars on
  2. Probably was Him that would be the right age 16 - 17? & he raced all over from what I remember he was fast he would hang way back off jumps & his rear would rub the back tire
  3. Old Blue & I felt compelled to build the red one from mostly old parts
  4. I owned this in 79’ 80’ I traded it to a pal, in 1992 I did I tile job for my “pal” he didn’t have the $$ to pay me & said I could take anything in his garage, so I took it back along with the bike it was attached to, I know it’s the holiest of grails what year we’re they made old timers 77’? I believe I got it on a mongoose I horse traded for?
  5. Yeah you got it right I was one of the stoners flying on bmx cruisers after 20”rs the “big room” in the tunnel was a rumor, I know this is an old post I just found a bunch of pic’s of “Tordondo Track” Mike Ireland (ButtWipe) & others built the upper track near the west gate towers&ronald st Dads bike barn held a race on the other side of the park, their were jumps & tracks all over that “sump” I lived on the block