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  1. Great work love the seat post been looking for something like that for a long time but I don't know the name of it sadly I love rebuilding bikes but I'm more of a junkyard Builder mix and match parts and stuff like that so I don't always know the proper names of parts that I need looking through your pictures and your posts all the rims that you showed I had at one time or another myself and never knew what to do with them but again great work great restore
  2. I bought it $20 bucks turns out it's not what I thought it was it's a redline raid 19in when eyeballed it I thought it was at least 22 in but I was wrong do you have any ideas on how to extend the front fork so I can have the handle bars sit up higher around 3 to 4 inches higher from the down tube
  3. I want to buy this bike it's stripped down but I think it from the 80's I got a partial serial number please look at attachments below to help me out I did do some research and found that in 1989 BMX did a retro style redline with the serial number 700 EXL it's also the only bike that has those three letters in it's serial number but I can't find a single picture to confrim that this bike is from 1989 trying to find pictures of this bike and a list of original parts so I can restore it please help thank you