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  1. What kind of skyways? these ones? http://cgi.ebay.com/Skyway-BMX-Tuff-brake-...1QQcmdZViewItem Or these? http://cgi.ebay.com/PINK-bmx-Original-SKYW...1QQcmdZViewItem
  2. It is! Was done by the last former owner. He broke badly the frame there just about... 15 years ago and welded that... because it's a racing frame. The best racing frame and did'nt wanted to dump it and get a new GT or Robinson (that was the most fashionble frames here in those days...). When I rebuilt it, I thaught seriously taking out the gussets, but I prefered keeping it, to let the bike still rideable. Functionality over history fidelity. About brakepads, not skyway or flights available here. Meanwhile, I'll try out some MTB pads.
  3. My bike with "GREAT" plastic wheels
  4. Hi there! I got a pair of "GREAT" (that's the brand, actually) red plastic wheels. 7 spokes, looks good at least. But... any kind of brake pads last 1 week or less. The last pair I bought, featured "for mag wheels" and were more expensive than the others... and lasted 2 day riding. Local stores (in Chile) doesn't have braking pads for plastic wheels. Any recomendation? Thank you!
  5. Thank you a lot. This bike was my pal when everyone was riding a MTB... so it was my companion for several years. That's why I didn't want to trash it.
  6. Nope. They were die-cut PVC plastic, and clear coated on them.
  7. If you don't want to relace the hub, can disasemble the freewhell... and then, paint on the body of this. Don't forget to mask (with masking tape) on the screwed body of the freewheel before painting. And remember there are a million (more or less) of balls into a freewheel.
  8. And I think it was WAY better than throwing it in the trash. It has no money value... but has a lot of history with me.
  9. The ugly reinforcement here Dropout! couldn't remembver the name of that. Wasn't chainstay.
  10. Some details: - Gussets added to keep fornt pipe in it's shape, because was going ovalized. - The man at the shop did that horrible (but functional) thing at the rear chainstay. - The white paint is white powder. It is as thick that can'tt see the serial number or the JMC shield. - A friend of mine made the die-cut stickers, and they were clear coated after stuck on the frame. Any comment? questions? rants? =PK=
  11. Well, my old JMC was broken in many parts, and as the time went on, more weldings come on it. So, the front tubing was as much damaged that had to put some gussets on some time ago. That way, this bike begun to be "custom". As a non-stantdard JMC, I choose to do some no-standard things. Only pics. No story.
  12. Someone said "mongoose Jag"... but the euro BB and the lugs and the piece that joins the seatpost with the rear triangle annoys me. Any other opinion?
  13. A friend of mine buyed it in a garage sale. We think the frame is a mongoose (decals, color and rear loop), but we are not sure about... NOTHING! Please, help us. Thank you!