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  1. I attended the BMX Championship at the Dayton Montgomery County Ohio Fairgrounds. I hear now years later the event was in August 1982. I recall in an early heat Jason Jenson who rode for Torker and Haro(?) was involved in a bad wreck in an early heat. Stu Thompson, another renowned rider was at the Dayton event also. I now see a recording from VHS tape to digital on YouTube.com of this event. It must be a VHS taken by the Chilean Team that is said to have won several heats that day. The YouTube.com link is here: 1st World championship IBMXF Dayton Ohio 1982 (Cámara delegación Chile) - YouTube I was offered at one time to try out for Huffy Bikes in Celina Ohio. My buddy Jeff Piper rode for Huffy. I later met another Dayton local named Gary Pace who was said to ride for HaroBMX. This all was happening as we built our own tracks in Trotwood Ohio. One nice homemade track was built behind now long gone Shilohview Elementary!