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  1. spotted this king sting (i think) with ukai rims and reggae stickers on the fenders locked up in west l.a.......
  2. a few more pics. notice fork drop outs. gussett detail. how rear attaches to the bottom bracket tube, i had previously thought it had a solid block like an old mongoose. bottom of forks are closed, not open tubes. any new clues what this bike may be?
  3. stuff gets destroyed alot, but their L&D (loss and damage) prices they charge are outrageous. i once saw a 24" powerlite 3 bar at a prop house, i went straight to the office and asked what the price was if it was rented and destroyed.....ha. it was $350. thats them factoring the price of a junker bike, they had no clue what it was. the sad part is that i never saw it again.....no clue what happened to it. im going to look into the bike pictured though.
  4. ill try to take better pics next time i go there.
  5. ive been looking at this for years and wondering what it is. it almost never gets rented out from a prop house i go to alot for work. there is no hole in the gussett. if i remember correct, theres square tubing simlar to a mongoose right behind the bottom bracket tubing. its hard to get good pics, its hanging on the ceiling. could it be a cook bros?
  6. Mongoose M1 Mini, $7. i saw a looptail as i was driving by a venice garage sale so i decided to take a look. I figured it might wind up in the scrap yard if i didnt buy it and get it to a bmx enthusiast.
  7. Some old gems hanging in a great bike shop in Gardena. a Schwinn Predator, NOS gold Race Inc. 20" frame, a gold Race Inc 24" frame, a nice silver and blue King Sting complete rider, 20" diamond back silver streak, a few more old bmx's and some amazing old schwinns. Sorry, dont get your hopes up, bmx stuff not for sale.....just thought id share.
  8. for the record, i would have given the guy more money but i only had $10 on me and was in a work truck that had to be somewhere at a specific time.
  9. if it wouldn't have been at the top of the pile, i dont think he would have went through the trouble of selling it.
  10. Spotted this in a scrap truck while at work today. The guy happened to be in the truck so i offered him $10.....and away i went. The serial number is on the inside of the rear dropout. 2H1906 and a baseball next to that. i believe that means it is made in japan....anyone know the year? thanks for any info.
  11. Thanks for sharing Rob, but wait....you didnt answer Jasons question?!