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  1. One of the best places around, its a true time capsule.
  2. didnt Hawk make a fork that looked similar to these a long time ago
  3. ^ the 18" bike is a rather new concept in high performance BMX, with all of the advanced skills the pros are doing the younger kids are excelerating faster due to osmosis. To put a 7 yr old on a 20" he is not going to have the physical ability to move that bike enough to perform any high level skill in a skatepark, street or trail. So the companys started offering the 18" for the developing rider as a quality transition bike to further advance skills with a bike with a quality strenth to weight ratio. There is a kid named Shawn Ricany, last year he was 13 and still riding an 18" and killing it, dont be so quick to dismiss progress. heres another 18" shot kid is 10 in this pic
  4. For his age I would not put him on a 20" my son is 11 and is still riding an 18" look into the DK complete that was his first 18" now he is riding a Subrosa. I think your son may be more successful with the smaller frame, and could learn to ride park, trails and street. Here is a pic of the Subrosa 18" in action
  5. Here was my take on building this very unique frame set, nice job on the score
  6. Thank you so much to the Pleva Family for once again opening up there house for a bunch of crazy Old BMX guys to come together and enjoy some memories. The party just seems to grow more and more each year and this year was one of the best, killing the keg by around three in the afternoon. It was great to see all of the old faces and there was pleanty of new ones as well. And if ya missed it don't worry I bet there will be another next year. Thanks again Brian
  7. My initials are JW, but I didnt make the stem.
  8. Nice, this one came out really great not surre which one of your builds is my favorite but this one is right at the top.
  9. Neil your bike came out really great, and a cool selection of parts, what is the story of the campy front hub?
  10. looks really good, seems like the parts are falling from the sky for you lately
  11. WOW, great stuff I only wish I could find the front to my rear and make the set. Keep it coming.
  12. looks great, what kind of stem lock is that and the brake set up is trick