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  1. Hey Rob. I promise I'll hit ya up on the phone Thurs,I was talking with Sean earlier or I would have called tonight. :whistle: LMK when's a good time,I'm usually home from work for good anytime after 8 PM for sure.
  2. It looks awesome Rob! :32: Definately needs a black Kashi,won't anybody tarde a balck one for his yellow one? :whistle: Black seat,gold post,black clamp. :24: Perfection!!
  3. No sweat. :32: And congrats,it's a nice save for sure.
  4. It's an 80 & either a Sr or Med pro,depending on the top tube length. The forks should have a serial too,on one of the inner drop outs,if it starts with a 0 it's a matching set. It should look like baseball 0GT or something like that,one number & two letters. 17" to 17 1/2" =Mini 18" to 18 1/2 " =Med 19" to 19 1/2" =Sr Catalog pic.
  5. It ended up selling for $300,not worth it for me since S&H would have added at least $100 or more to the $300.
  6. Yep what Brett said. The JP's are 90's I believe but I'm not sure on the Crupi's,either way it's a cheap alternative to the Hutch version but unfortunately not early to mid 80's stuff with either brand.
  7. You paid $20 for that piece of junk!! Somebody should offer you $40 so you could overcome the embarrassment of the purchase. :whistle: j/k Nick,that was an awesome save. :32: To think,there's still cool stuff out there even in Indiana.
  8. It would be cool to look around but it's a sad sight,they're his to do with as he pleases but they deserve better than that. I didn't see any Wal-Mart type bikes hanging up there so he knows what to tease with,the stuff actually for sale is probably not worth buying. That guys got Earl written all over him,wait til the day comes when he actually wants to sell them off,providing he does not die before that day comes.
  9. This just strikes me as weird,a 1" headtube to boot. JC Racing???? I have a feeling this is getting moved to TTATT. ebay
  10. That's some pretty interesting stuff,I think it's kinda cool lookin myself. It'd make a cool thrash around on old school ride if nuthin else,so you could save your really good rides for shows or simple ridin around on.
  11. Not to mention signed by BMX Jesus himself,beyond too cool. :24:
  12. Hmmmm.......looks like we have a weiner. Second question. Was it along the Huffy/Murray type status or more like something decent?
  13. Hey Don. I don't know for sure when it happened but I know the allen version was not first gen,I used to have a white one with allens but sold it. No black hardware either.
  14. It's a Turbo then. :32: Thought it may have been but needed other pics,some older DB's like Vipers & Streaks had used the exact same f/f on occasion but had different decals.I thought it possible it may have been a late 82 Sr Pro design with an 83 serial,strange things like that happened there sometimes. Good luck on the resto,I can't wait to see it finished. :32: I've got a prototype Sr Pro frame made in either 78 or 79,the Sr Pro's came out in 79. It used to be candy red like the 78 behind it but somebody rattle canned it black.
  15. Why them get them at the oversized Ikea store. Actually his listing only stated shipping in the UK,didn't mention US at all. He may have used it as an excuse not to ship to him but maybe somebody mentioned Heaths history to the seller at auction end. :whistle: