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  1. Kuwahara cruiser prices are up and down with the 24" market prices... Just seen a Champion 24 og blue finish with forks and Champ bars get listed 3x's and finally sell for a tick over $600.oo Who's to say really? But I didn't spend half of that my score... But in a strong market...twice that. Especially with OG bars. 21
  2. Anyone I.D. the forks? The seller did not what kind they were... 21
  3. Great News! Congrats, What happened to the culprit? 21
  4. Looks Bitchin' Light and Fast! C-ya! 21
  5. Very Cool Soul Survivor Steve, GJS ORange too! Right ON! 21
  6. Chomp...Chomp..Chomp.... I scored some Kine Redline forks from Vince. Hammerhead-BMX-Catfish in a big pond... 21
  7. Great Lookin' Magna there! The rims look bitchin', is that a cycle pro UFO stem? Yup ditch the seat and send those handlebars to me! I was wondering what type of MCS forks you had, I seen some split quad tube style forks on another MCS, yours look more racey! SaWeet! 21
  8. Is this a Torker "Big Boy?" Break down the parts! NOS frame set, what's the story behind that? I like the seat tube angle, almost don't need a lay back for a big boy, yeah? Cool Build! 21
  9. He is out of Long Beach, very cool guy. I'm sure he will get back to you soon. He has some rare *ish. 21
  10. Here's a pic of a Boy Blue OM for ya Will! Headtube looks to be either black or brown with Boy Blue. 21