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  1. Does anyone know what year /month torker forks were released?
  2. i just got a bike with the serial number TK 463 L C can anyone help tell me what this means???
  3. Cook bros is what rob lynch told me and carbizguy
  4. thanks for posting this info....now i know i have a harborlite sew up fork!
  5. Me and truly odd went bmx hunting yesterday and I ended up with this unusual early MTB....24/26 "BOOGIE BIKE" by Ron miller frames. I don't know anything about it, but it's really trick, bladed down and top tube, campy drops, araya 7x, snakebellies, etc. Enjoy!
  6. yea i agree, a 28 hole wheelset would be trick and a few other tidbits, but overall i do respect its survivor status so i will probably just leave as is. keep me posted on whether or not you will be out here, would be cool to catch up
  7. thanks for posting all that dubplatestyle. that aluminium frame at the bottom looks just like mine...except mine has a different head tube angle and the gusset is a little different.
  8. sbros....youre spacing...i had a set of those bars on my 26 nomura like 7 years ago
  9. thats RAD info dirty, thanks...this bike never left the area then because i got from gardena/torrance area. im really curious about the head tube decal...
  10. yea i cant seem to find an AD or pic that describes what i have tho....aluminum frame and TI forks
  11. picked this up yesterday.complete survivor BLACK LITE micro mini...this has alot of very unusual features including titanium forks and cook bros pressed in bb, no serial #..also, original headtube badge printed on same clear sticker paper with black and yellow ink, just like the frame and fork decals, but it reads WRP racing, san jose,ca.??.... anyone else know anything about this company and/or BLACK LITE??
  12. i met brock last christmas when i visited his home in houston...THE NICEST person you will ever meet, we also went over the whole rebel/blazer story and how his father was connected etc. if you need any clarification, you should just send him an email, im sure he would be more than happy to clear up any inconsistencies
  13. im pretty sure all the non gussets are stick tails
  14. beyond words....thanks for preserving and sharing that photo....such a critical piece of JMC history. does anyone know if all the early JMC decals on white instead of chrome backing?? the ones on that frame are definitely on white quick quiz question for the real G's: what kind of frame pad is that? (yes i know the answer)
  15. the aluminum set brett is referring to were made by jesse vargas
  16. i have a pic of rob fehd riding a cook bros sidehack with that same frame in nickel with triple clamp cook forks
  17. I have the exact same pair they are Navajo