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  1. hooo man I need to make time to make a big update for the site. Gathered lot's of interesting info for it.
  2. Well, I've never posted in the freestyle section as i'm a racer. I'm specialized in the Belgian brand Pro Winner. A while ago I've acquired a 2nd generation Pro Winner frame after a hunt of years. Yesterday I've got a original fork for the frame and today I've decided to build it quickly with used parts to see how it would look. After reading the SE Trickster topic, I felt the need to show you this bike. I've got my fork from the designer of the Pro Winner freestyler and I've asked if he copied the design for the toptubes from the Trickster. He said no, he didn't know about the Trickster.....interesting. Enjoy!
  3. I remember seeing that bike first time in the magazines and loved the fork design. As i'm a home made man i created this fork...
  4. R.I.P. www.hutchbmx.be now all the Hutch stuff you can find at http://www.jjrbmx.com
  5. I still have my Retro Rag 'zine, one reached all the way to Belgium back then. So, can I call myself a real old timer collector?
  6. Thought a Skyway need Skyway's. Changed the wheels and not so bad I think.
  7. yeah also remember that Skyway! It was once in a German BMX magazine.