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  1. I have used shipbikes for multiple completes when going on vacations and what not and are hand down one of the cheapest ways to go. I have shipped a frame or two through them as well. I think they have a deal with Fedex and hence the discounted rate.
  2. I absolutely never get sick of seeing new projects from you Jon. That is perfect.
  3. Origins, nothing better than knowledge being dropped with the actual artifacts as supporting documentation. Fantastic stuff. That tubular Tri-Link is a trip!
  4. Jon that is next level. I love it. It's all in the details.
  5. Cool acquisition Steve. Nothing better than picking up a rig with some history to it.
  6. You don't see many painted frames pop up. In fact I hadn't a whole lot of them until recently. Nice find, odds are that is a brazed frame.
  7. Got word from Steve last evening, total bummer.
  8. Great article. We have been right the entire time, didn't need that article to validate it, but it does affirm what a few of us have been saying forever.
  9. Looks like a wheelie machine!
  10. That is just what S&M did before they could get a thicker 1 piece drop out.
  11. Spur


    Tasteful and appropriately built. Nice to see a non-typical drive train as well, favorite part of the bike. Excellent work sir.