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  1. I am working on two 84 db turbo lite's I need a bottom bracket for one of them! Anyone out there have a lead on one. I just missed ond one the bay that I know would have fit. Thanks all
  2. Happy fourth of July to all...Have a great safe holiday. :18:
  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jeff. Long live OSBMX
  4. The heat of the day is gone, so I took my snakes out for a photo opp! always tweaking on these. :22:
  5. HOLY COW what a nice score...........That is SICK. Have fun building that one. :14: :32: :24:
  6. OMG DB That is over the top......SICK.........Get out!!!! I think I will be willing to buy Plane tickets to fly out there to be there when you stick on the frame. Too SICK!!! Sandy would Freak! CYA
  7. THAT IS SICK....... GREAT SCORE!!!! :Live2ride:
  8. All I can say is Holy shiznit! :22:
  9. Ha ha That is very funny I was 14 with an engraver (but no sense) I did know that I was never going to get rid of that bike. So please don't call my mom looking for it!! LOL :6: :18:
  10. The 1984 catalog I have had since BITD. I bought it the same day I bought the bike.
  11. Thanks for the kind words. I really love those old snakes. I spoke with Sandy on this fourm and with private messages about my F1 and others. I sure miss him here. This fourm is just not the same without him. Take care all and KEEP posting pics of those DB's Brandon