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  1. https://cycbmx.wordpress.com/category/1977/ looks like what I have is from 1977. so not before R&R. maybe CYC just distributed them.
  2. oh I got that bike. up in the attic. but before it was R&R Cyc sold it as stormer jr. need close up photos? no problem. the previous owner chopped that seat tube down. and the head tube had issues under stress. I think the previous owner welded in a gusset for support. interesting frame and history. its part of my cyc collection. I think I have the magazine bmxaction review for the bike too.
  3. my buddy tony in second or last place. didn't matter. lots of fun.
  4. my original stormer. then upgraded. buddy tony's Fuji. upgrade from stormer to torker race day in Rochester NY.
  5. heres a pic of the two assembled. I just swap parts when I want to ride another and am about to put the panther back on the road. the ames is a little small to ride except by my grand kids now. I should get around to putting making and cleaning up the stickers.
  6. nice offer ncyet3. I watched a few old school bikes shows and didn't notice any cycs. im thinking of having fun and going to one. bring the four I have. the parts where pretty expensive a few years back, so I substituted with available parts (wheels, necks, etc.). the pic is of the rare one (rarer than ames I also have?). its one of the two id have to find parts for to complete the set. another, the cyc stormer (mild steel and gusseted), would round out the set I would bring.
  7. here's the panther I bought (way back). its the advertisement photo. appears to have the standard cyc stickers on it. yeah, I just verified climbing into the attic. mine has the cyc stormer sticker on down tube. not sure if was the original sticker. I think I still have the bmx action magazine review I can check later.
  8. interesting. i own that bike now, frame and fork. rides nice and ready to ride. the first post picture with the red seat clamp and white sticker with flag. just took a picture of it in my garage.
  9. oh that's nice - the book and attending the show. I appreciate the CYC site you keep up.
  10. paulatgis

    I have one of those. it has the cyc stickers on it.
  11. any cyc bikes still out there. I have four. ames stormer, stormer, panther, and RandR branded stormer all from 78 or before. will add pics when figure out how. anyone here from Brad, the guy who runs the cyc history website? you can google cyc bmx and it will give you the link for the pics already saved on this site. still trying to add the pics mean while. Thanks!
  12. if anyone has or can get stickers, count me in. I could use four sets. Ames, mild steel stormer with gusset, gussetless stormer, and that twin top tube R and R frame CYC sold. The Ames rides great nice and roomy, considering its a small frame. I liked the Ames ride so much I almost bought a full size GT frame. Most of my Ames bike parts came from a blue (streak?) diamond back. Except the clamp, that came with the frame. Someone on this site sold me the frame.
  13. Nice build. The red parts will look great on it like in that add. my ames is ready to ride. I might redo it in red parts like you are someday. I'll definitely check in every so often and watch yours come together.
  14. did you say you have the ames and the jr also? head tube sticker is 6.8 cm width by 7.1 cm height. three digit serial on the twin tube jr, followed by a date 06-01-77. a six digit serial number on the ams, unreadable. suicyco, looks like you're about ready to take it for a ride.