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  1. Definitely 2006. I just did a search on vintage and found some info. June 17, 2006 to be exact.
  2. I wasn't there but I remember the period. The album with BMX Bandits on it was released in the fall of 2005 so I'm thinking 2006.
  3. 1987 GT Performer. Tri-moly made in Taiwan. Nice!
  4. If that threadless headset is original to the bike (I doubt the stem is). My best guess would be 1996 model. Pretty sure they still used quill stems in 95.
  5. Excellent! An old acquaintance of mine won that exact same bike in a raffle contest back in the day. I remember drooling over it. I say "acquaintance" and not "friend" because he ended up being a dick. Every time I had him over my house I'd notice something missing after he left... several Aurora slot cars, a set of Sugino 3 piece cranks that I can remember. I soon realized that it was him. Anyway, he got the bike stolen on him. What goes around comes around...
  6. I think we confirmed on Facebook yesterday that it's an imitation. A period correct imitation but still an imitation. There is no keyway on the base and the knurling on the quill doesn't look right. It's smooth knurling compared the the rough knurling on all other DK stem examples. If you're still interested I'm totally willing to (and plan to) sell it.
  7. Here's some inspiration... https://www.coroflot.com/tmtroutman/1985-Schwinn-Predator-Streetwise-restoration
  8. Forgive the porkchop link but here' your decals. https://porkchopbmx.com/1985-86-schwinn-predator-streetwise-complete-decal-set-for-chrome-frames/
  9. Bike value is generally a question frowned upon in most forums. Best bet is to look for completed ebay auctions and sales postings on forums, etc. "There is no Blue Book for BMX". That said Goose stuff is highly sought after though I'm currently having problems getting asking price for an old Expert. Mongoose stamped bottom brackets and headsets are hot on the market. Australia is a huge hot spot for goose stuff.