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  1. I was just sent an email with these pictures asking if this stuff is worth setting aside. LOL... trying to get the story. Frame and some of the bars look to have been refinished. Strange for a collector/restorer to be donating stuff like this.
  2. The fork throws me off though. When did they start coming with tapered forks?
  3. Was there a 600CXL in 1985 or was the first year in 86? There is no 600C in the 86 catalog so I'm wondering if the 600C was replaced by the 600CXL for 86? I have a late 85 dated full chromoly frame. 4" head tube, 19" top tube which I was told was an 85 600CXL. I'm thinking it's an 86 model year because of the late year SN 8509#### Any info appreciated.
  4. Looks pretty good so far ... and FAST. Looks like we'll need to re-upload avatar pics? Picture test...
  5. Another Race Inc! IMG_20190605_161958511 And a goose... IMG_20190605_161925685
  6. I was reading that thread on FB.
  7. Check this out. I just brought this nice old Predator Streetwise home tonight. Looks to be 100% original down to the predator tires. Maybe I was wrong about the dyna seat not being OE on any complete bikes.
  8. Very cool! Do most sellers think old bmx is worth it's weight in gold these days?
  9. Testing flickr link DCP_3170 by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/22549151@N04/]