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  1. 87-89 US made Pro Performer/Pro Freestyle Tour "retrostored" bike. Serial number on the left rear dropout will tell the month and year that the dropout was stamped.
  2. Looks like mostly retro new school parts on that bike. (I hope you knew that when you bought it.) I would guess the seat is too.
  3. Definitely made by Giant who most notably made Schwinn Predators, but that's not a Predator.
  4. Those tech 7 aerial levers go for crazy $ especially in good condition. They were only available for one year, at the pinnacle of old school freestyle... 1987. DC 883 calipers are also very sought after, especially in black.
  5. That is a beauty for sure. So sorry for the circumstances of the acquisition.
  6. Sweet! I can understand parting it though. There's probably $600+ in the brakes alone on that bike.
  7. Oh man. Sorry to hear. If I recall you’re in Northern VA still? If you need anything feel free to reach out. I’m in Burke.
  8. common brakes on mid 80s low end freestyle bikes. Not the greatest quality, flexy! If you're looking to sell put a price on them and post in the for sale forum.
  9. There's this clown on my local Craigslist that rebuilds bikes and must be a VIP pork chop buyer. Takes a bike, repaints it, puts incorrect decals on, puts a couple nice old school parts on it, porkchops it out, adds the sales pitch and tries to get a mint. Here is an example...
  10. Not familiar with that model but any new school freestyle bike should be able to handle high pressure tires. Sounds like you simply have an under-inflation issue. There are many flavors of "freestyle". What are you doing with it?