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  1. I'm almost positive this is mid-80s. I believe I had an 84? 500A with this same seat.
  2. The frameset I bought in 87 also has no serial number. I have acquired this NOS frameset since I last posted here. This one does have a SN.
  3. Anyone know specifically what years and models these were from?
  4. You're probably not going to get a huge response from this site as the primary focus here is old school BMX racing (really old school as in likely before you were born lol). I would try vitalbmx or some of the sites with a bit more modern and/or freestyle BMX focus.
  5. A little cutie. I haven’t seen it in person yet but I’m expecting the worst about the seat rails.
  6. Stem looks like a Nitto MX-2.
  7. Mello Yellow sweepstakes promotion bike. I can’t imagine it being too old but I thought it was cool. I left it where it was.
  8. Haven’t updated this in a while. I’m still at it. Still getting some good stuff but not quite as often. 1987 Mongoose Expert and M1 Mag:
  9. You looking for something new or old school? Like TrulyOdd said... define what kind of riding you do and your height. A new school flatland bike is the worst choice for general all around riding.
  10. Mike Carruth was forced to upgrade the site to a newer platform a couple years ago. Unfortunately 99% of the content didn’t migrate. He says he still has the data but I have my doubts about whether he’ll ever get around to uploading it.
  11. Very cool. Microline fork. Ditch the seat and tires and you’re almost there. What is the rear brake? Too far gone for a survivor wipe down in my opinion. Full powder coat is in order. Not sure if decals are readily available for this. I know mid 80s decals are non existent since AJK quit making them. Good luck and have fun with it!