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  1. My opinion is that bike probably isn't old enough to have any real collectible value, but I'm not into mid-school stuff so what do I know? With a threadless headset it wouldn't be any older than late mid 90s and possibly much newer.
  2. I thought the chrome one was a Huffy Pro Lightning at first... then I saw the nice weld beads lol
  3. The top tube sticker says H-1 so that's what I'd go with. The higher the letter the higher end the bike? I don't know. Just a guess.
  4. Posting for sale this evening if you know anyone interested.
  5. Interesting. Maybe they are the same thing (rebranded?) https://bmxmuseum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=770033
  6. Yeah. Terrycable Power Cranks was my first thought as well.
  7. Is that common? Is there a way to determine the date without a sn?
  8. I'm gaining more of an appreciation for that era of freestyle bikes. That one looks like a decent sized top tube so it can actually be used as transportation. Old school functionality mixed with new school durability.
  9. View Offer Diamondback Silver Streak frameset DiamondBack Silver Streak frameset. Headset included. Very nice shape but the chrome on the fork is bubbling. It's not flaking yet, but I think it's only a matter of time. Price $1.00 Submitter RL Paulie Submitted 11/17/2019 Category Complete Bikes
  10. Such a cool and strange looking brake. I had this exact bike from 83-85:
  11. What is the front caliper? Is that some kind of quick release mechanism. Doesn't look like a DC 880 to me.