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  1. Used and abused Mongoose Pro Class stem by ACS. Some chrome is coming up, the black paint is rough, and there are some hammer marks on the bottom. Says Mongoose on top, so is it a Pro Class? Came with my 1982 Suoergoose. Please feel free to ask questions. $160 shipped in the U.S. only.
  2. Great shots in this post of some incredible riding spots! We don't get out much beyond our own neighborhood, but when we can I like to lug some bikes to, or rent, in Newport Beach, CA. Back in the '80s my mom's boyfriend took us from Palm Springs to Balboa/Newport and I cruised the boardwalk on my red and gold 1980 Diamond Back. I had such a great time that I still like to make the trek from AZ to the beach for this ride. I have taken my Nurse Betty White and Blue, 2007 OM Flyer on this route back during a Huntington/Newport cruise related to a BMX Society Reunion and I have taken my red 1999 Torker on the ride as well. It's a little small for me, but that big-but seat makes all the difference. This isn't my bike--I shot it at the 2014 Reunion (can anyone claim it?), but I had a one just like it.
  3. Finally got all the editing done in the Ernie Alexander Roast--you will find 150 shots below. What a great time! First off, I had no idea how awesome the Valley Relics Museum was--I would have gone just for that! Wish I had known about that place sooner. As for the roast, I didn't know what to expect. I had seen them before, but wasn't sure how a bunch of OS-BMX guys were going to do compared to professional comics. Well, the whole thing was actually very interesting and very funny! Everyone did an incredible job. Of course John Palfreman stole the show! Bottom line, it was a great event and I'm glad I made the trek from AZ and I hope to do it again next year!
  4. Thanks Steve--that was my goal, to preserve this great event! I love looking back at my old event coverage and reliving the incredible shows you put on.
  5. Aaaaaaannnnnd that's all folks! Download them, share them with your friends, just leave the watermark, please! 8) I hope you all enjoy seeing these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.