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  1. Mark, I paid $400 for nos levers, I needed them at the time for my gold trickstar before Rockford. I would never pay that much again, unless I had too lol.. I have 2 used front levers. If you can find the match you can one of them for free. Rob-
  2. The grips I sent you were the right ones?
  3. It came together really good Tom Rob-
  4. I don't know what you are trying to say, but the Rockford show is ran very well. I'm just saying if you havnt been to Rockford you shouldn't comment. All is good Steve, why don't you have your bikes in this boty, you have some nice rides
  5. That's what I was thinking when I read post #13
  6. J.T I have really learned to like your collection more and more. Keep up the good work Rob-
  7. Hey Woody, Is this the "special project" you bought the VDC bars from me was for? That's a real peice of bmx/freestyle history for sure. Rob-
  8. I agree with you. Restore it , keep it O.G what ever, as long as it's what you wanted it to look like when you are done with it . It's funny how so many people changed since I started collecting ( of course people mature, I get that). Before it was restore it as you wanted it bitd and now if someone posts a restored bike the O.G police ( which these guys are the same ones that made me want to get into restoring the bikes that I wanted bitd.) come out of the woodwork and tell them they shouldn't have done it. The history of the bike is still there, just the scratches and dents are gone. I do agree some bikes should not be restored, and do like that members are swaping with other members to preserve these bikes and parts. But if some one posts a bike that they couldn't have bitd and they are proud of it, maybe say nice bike, good job. Not "I can't beleive you did that to an original finish, why would you do that". People post pics to share the bike they built and are proud of what they built. It is what it is. Rob-
  9. This is my first build in 2005. I agree Tom, great thread
  10. The frame set looks great, Chip did an outstanding job on it. Please post pics when you finish it. At the end of the day it's your bike, if you want to make it look it did when you got it,then do it. I do like what's been going on around here, trading frames with other members that don't realy need a restore. Rob-
  11. I can't beleive I don't have a freestyle entry this year lol.
  12. This isn't Rockford. Speaking of Rockford. I was on the phone with yet another Rockford show goer earlier today. The Horror stories keep piling up. Is it that bad? Politics, Favoritism? a bunch of old overweight farts sitting on Law chairs?? REALLY :lol: :lol: Sorry to get off topic, but Rockford is a blast. I guess everyone has their opinions. There was a best brand category for Hutch, redline and se. Whitch bike best represented that brand. I won with 2 bikes and I am no favorite, I mean the spot I had reserved was horrible. There was no space to put my bikes as there was a big ass tree in the middle of it. I been to rockford 3 times and had a great time all 3 times. Met new people everytime. I am thinking of planning my family vacation to the cali show though.
  13. Almost there, can't wait to see it complete. You got a pretty good deal on the frame set up, bars , and stem. It was definately your week lol Rob-
  14. Don't let it break your heart to much, there are a lot more out there. Rick, I was always interested in your trickstar, would have been a cool signature model. Thanks again Rob-
  15. Thanks for the kind words guys. Rick do you have any better shots of that bike? Rob-
  16. ^^^my favorite part about it. I like the shop decals
  17. I would say 86,but I'm a hutch guy lol, either way the bike is as cool as the back of the pillow Rob-