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  1. Nice bike! where's the like button?
  2. Got to meet Alden while in the process of making this doc. Ive been spending time hanging out with the HB Tuesday crew and Alden passed through and hung out with us for a Tuesday or two. Great guy, can't wait for a local screening.
  3. That came out real sweet! The turned down rear hub is the bomb! Vintage race trickery.
  4. Yep! that yellow Goose is looking trick! And Dan sporting the "salad bowl" haircut!! Just the best. Laguna 101 and a DG-3 Racer.
  5. No not completely out. I still have a great fondness for this hobby. Just as I’ve been a VW guy since childhood. So not all of it will go if I can help it. Some things will be harder to sell than others. That’s why I’m doing this in stages. Hoping it will allow me to keep as many as possible. And as for you Mr. Hayes. Despite the flipper assholes and the internet bullshit I’m sure there is much in your personal collection that still gives you great pleasure. That is where you need to dwell, and just forget the rest.
  6. Oh it’s not a new camper. I’ve been enjoying it for over 15 years. Mechanically it’s solid, but as for the body it’s just time to take care of it. As for parts it’s 75% sold already. I parted out two builds and don’t care for it. I’ve sold some complete bikes and have been much more satisfied doing that.
  7. My BMX collecting and restoring has been fairly stagnant over the last few years. Few new bikes no new bike projects. I have been attending and competing in shows though, until this year. This year I have been going to shows but as a seller. Anyone that knows me knows I rarely sell. I always come to show. I rarely won anything but always in full support of event with no expectations other than having fun with fun people. It’s been that way fo me for the better part of 20 years. But the one thing that has always bugged me was much of what I collected and restored spent most of the time stored or packed away in storage. Put out of sight not easy to access and even harder to enjoy, not like I would prefer. So I pondered it and thought about it a lot. My course was clear. It’s time to thin the collection. So that is what I’m doing. It’s something that I’ve been putting off for the last couple of years. I call it “A shifting of assets.” I started with my parts stash and a few bikes. I showed up at the Van Nuys show and sold off a bunch of stuff. I’ve been to two BMX shows and a bike swapmeet since. I'm not getting out I’m still keeping key bikes just not the 30 I had. I am not hurting financially either. So why you may ask? Simple. All the money will be put into rust removal as well as body and paint work for my 1971 VW camper. Taking it out of one hobby and into another. at this point I really do not know yet exactly how much in “assets” I’ll need to shift so I will be doing this in phases. It will be interesting. It has been so far.
  8. Bad part is that good folks will scream this scam from the highest mountain to warn people off. But good people will still get taken by these asshats!
  9. Looks like a GT Performer.
  10. prototype noun pro·​to·​type | \ ˈprō-tə-ˌtīp \ Definition of prototype 1 : an original model on which something is patterned : archetype 2 : an individual that exhibits the essential features of a later type 3 : a standard or typical example 4 : a first full-scale and usually functional form of a new type or design of a construction (such as an airplane) A beautiful early example. But I do agree "Japanese made is more like it because the production numbers seem to be in the hundreds. prototypes are not made in the hundreds. Let alone sold in quantity. This is the only collector hobby I know where whenever someone "dosen't know" or "isn't sure" the tag "prototype" is added. IMO all that does is spread confusion. Sorry for the rant. not intended or aimed at the OP. Just my brain leaking again.
  11. I can't speak accurately to Billy Macs bike or the others. But I Can speak about Thom Lund's Wayne King Mono. It has been a source of fascination ans inspiration to me for many years. The front fork on Thom's bike is a Yamaha Moto-Bike fork. It is essentially a stock oil filled Moto-Bike fork other than the addition of a second suspension spring in the right side fork upright. (Stock Moto-Bikes had a spring in the left side only.) And "accordion style" dust boots. these forks had standard bicycle 1" steer tubes. I have always been of the understanding that these forks were derived from ether a 50cc or 80cc Yamaha mini cycle of the day. This second spring I speak of has always been a popular race mod to the Yamahas. This and the addition of a pair of rear shocks from the Yamaha 80 was the hot set up BITD. I know Billy Mac as well as Stu Thompson Both had Wayne King Monoshock frames, I think Stu still owns his. Any pics I can recall of them (no matter the fork used.) the head tubes appear to be for a standard 1" steer tube arrangement. Mi dos centavos.
  12. And I heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight. "It's a major award!" And to all a good night.
  13. 1976 FMF JW (Jeff Ward.) Replica. *** All parts in used condition with the original finish unless otherwise specified. *** This is a 1976 FMF JW replica mild steel frame. I got it complete from another collector. I then made very few changes to it to make it more to my mind’s eye. The understanding is that JW stands for Jeff Ward. I’ll go with that. Enjoy! Frame: FMF JW Replica. Serial # FJC0**. (Repainted) Fork: Redline. (Chromed no longer nickle.) Bars: Matthews. Stem: Ashtabula BMX non-stamped, Schwinn spec. Head set: Schwinn approved Tange. Grips: Hunt Wilde. Seat: Schwinn approved 10 speed type saddle. Seat post: Schwinn 13/16. Seat post clamp: Schwinn Cranks: Ashtabula BMX 6.5 inch non stamped. Sprocket: Schwinn Mag type. Pedals: Union Rat Trap. (Welded braces.) Chain: Sedis. Bottom bracket set: Schwinn approved Tange. Rims: ARAYA, 20x2.125 steel, chrome. Hubs: Front, Shimano MX. Rear, Shimano “Coaster Brake” 36 hole low flange. Spokes/nipples: .120 gauge. / Chrome plated brass. Tires: Ching Shin C-183 20x2.125 front 20x1.75 rear. Extras and incidentals: Sewn on, snap type cross bar pad. Preston Petty oval number plate. Reproduction frame stickers. Reproduction FMF BMX sticker on the number plate. All other stickers vintage originals.
  14. I actually do have a bike to throw into the mix this year. Not in it to win it but I can't stay away. So onward into the fog!