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  1. I've got a couple of orignal SST stickers (race and freestyle era). Looking for one more.
  2. Im not sure if anyone here will have an answer to this question or not. I have an original, Hutch deep H stem that I need to convert to a Potts Mod stem for an early Hutch Trick Star. Due to the short length of the stem's shaft, I know that the following parts won't work because they are too long: ACS Potts Mod bolt and the hollow bolt from a Hutch Western H stem with the longer shaft. If these bolts are trimmed down, there is no thread left for the wedge. How does one perform the Potts Modification to a Hutch deep H stem? I know it was done back in the day, but I'm not sure what type of hollow bolt was used.
  3. That wasn't an SST Command Post. The internal brace looked very Tioga-esque and it had some goofy sticker on it that made no sense at all.
  4. Nice find. Here is a 100% complete, survivor Hutch Judge. The Hutch bars are the same color as your Pro Racer frame/fork. The frame/fork on the Judge is more of a translucent red.
  5. Cool bike, Tom! A local collector has that same frame in black and I'm sure that you know who I am talking about.
  6. has not set their status

  7. Those look fake as sh**. The teeth are not correct and they look like they had the sh** polished out of them. Who did you buy them from?
  8. This thread keeps getting stranger and stranger. Duke, do you have experience with beating up boys? Not sure why you resort to violence now. First, you made goof ball threats, and now you want to beat me up? I think you have a problem with PayPal, not me. Seven words from you would have rectified the situation from the get go. They are as follows: “Send the hub back, I'll fix it”. Excuses from you wouldn't fix the hub and I had to protect my interests by filing a dispute with PayPal. I never asked them to freeze your account and I never asked them for anything that was not reasonable. You really believe that I extorted you for $100.00? That covered my Suntour hub, tools, grease, and time. Extortion would have been asking for $500.00 or $750.00 back because those amounts are obviously unreasonable. By the way, I didn't even see your response to PayPal, but I imagine it went something along the lines of “PayPal, I'm the wrong guy to mess with”, or “PayPal, I'm driving by your office this week and I'm going to give you a manly ass kicking”. I dunno what else to say. Its a nice hub and I'm happy with it. With regards to my business dealings, Duke, I'd love for you to email me in private with the three people who made that claim. If you are so well endowed, post their names and or deals here. I've been described as picky, particular, difficult, a purist, opinionated, a dick, etc., -but- I don't scam people or refuse to send items that are paid for. I have a feeling that you are fabricating that claim as well. I also do not have a big ego and I'm not enjoying this thread (that was started to show some crazy rare hubs). I never swore at you and I never made any threats to you. You went off of the deep end and showed your true colors on this website. I received and saved your voice mail messages, but if you were in my shoes, would you return the calls? You can call me to discuss if you promise that you are not going to yell at me or talk about the difference between a boy's versus a man's ass kicking. I also don't care if you are handicapped and/or well endowed. You know my number: (404) 556-####. There is no reason to think that I work for a lighting company (???). That would be quite a coincidence, wouldn't it? Cough..*bullshit*..cough. Look in your cell phone under 'received' or 'missed' calls...my number and/or name are there. I must warn you though...I already spent the $100.00 on parts and my own labor, so there is no money in your future. The sad part is that I would still buy another one of these hubs off of you for more money because they are that damn rare! I need help.
  9. Colloquialisms and bullshit. Is that what you do best, Duke? What is the phone number that is one digit off from mine? **crickets** Let me guess on the mystery person who turned you onto this website. Do the initials start with J.J.? Maybe things would be better under different circumstances, but why would an adult (most likely older than myself) make 3rd grade playground threats and outright lie about coming to visit me, my phone number, etc.?
  10. The whole handicapped thing disturbed me as well. I doubt that Duke is aware that there are at least two handicapped members on this website, and because they get through life without the 'victim mentality', their handicap has never been an issue with any members here, nor has it ever been brought up. Duke, I spent $43.00 (plus shipping) for an NOS Suntour hub, $29.00 for a brand new Spin Doctor cone wrench set, and $8.00 for synthetic grease. I did the work myself because a certain member here (you know who) walked me through the disassembly process without damaging it. You offered no solution except to broker a re-sell of the hub for me. You infuriated me when claimed that all I needed was a $2.00 Suntour part. Please show me (and other members) where I can find a $2.00 Suntour bearing cover by itself that hasn't been produced for a long time? Bottom line is that you were all talk and were not truly concerned with making me happy after purchasing a $1625.00 hub from you. On top of all of this, you made child like threats and lied to me about two things: A) you were coming to Georgia to visit me. B) you claimed that my cell phone number was one number off from a lighting company that your construction company uses. To prove that you are not a liar, what is the name of the lighting company and/or what is their phone number? I will confirm whether or not you are full of it. I did not lie to you and told you exactly what I would do. I now have a nice, working hub and you received a good chunk of change and a positive feedback. If you have a problem with Paypal and their dispute resolution process, then perhaps you should carefully construct your argument next time (you had your chance) or cease using PayPal to eliminate the chance of becoming a 'victim'.
  11. Read your auction description and please thoroughly read my posts on this topic. I know that the hub was used (as previously stated in my first response to you). I don't talk with a lisp or have any other speech impediment. You've resorted to making fun of peoples' avatars now? You're really reaching with that. I have a feeling that you will be a great asset to this website.
  12. No, my description is pretty much how it went down. Not advertised as NOS? Read your description. "brand new condition, never used" http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150412037487&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT No reason to talk to nut jobs. Anyone know how to download voice mail messages to audio files? In your voice mail messages to me, you acted like I shot your sizzler off. You called me like five times in a row talking about being disabled, taking away food from your kids, etc. This was after you agreed to a partial refund (???). If someone was not happy with an item that they bought from me, I would ask for the item to be sent back for a full refund.