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  1. Did anyone grab screenshots of the $6,400.00 G-Boy sale (August or September)?
  2. As for you, Brian...you've always been one of the guys who seemed so 'immersed' in the scene. I sure hope you never get out totally. You're a good person whose knowledge I've always respected.
  3. I can chime in here. I stepped way back in about 2012. Sold 95% of my parts and all but two old school completes. Very similar to Brian...I sort of shifted hobbies. I got back into baseball card collecting with the goal of completing some of the sets I never finished as a kid (I still have all my old cards). Again...similar to BMX and most every hobby, I got burned on the last two high dollar cards I needed to complete a set. I spent a lot of money after taking a lot of time to research the seller, the card, etc....and still got burned TWICE with "altered" cards. I was fortunate to get my money back, but it completely popped my balloon. I was so mad and embarrassed to get taken two times. I remember thinking, "Fuck this! I'm going back to bikes...bikes are more fun anyway". So, in May of 2019, I jumped back in the BMX pool. The prices of things SUCK compared to 10-15 years ago, but the fun and excitement of trying to track down just the right parts is most definitely still there. In 2012, I felt burnt. In 2019, I feel great! Happy to be back and eager to re-learn everything I have forgotten.
  4. Thats crazy! What a terrific gesture!
  5. Jason! Ava is 15 now. A sophomore in high school! She's driving (on her learners permit). It's crazy! So cool to hear from you.
  6. Yes. Overspray. Not sure what to do there? Leave the pedals/cranks as-is? Or clean them (remove overspray). I like the idea of leaving it. If I cleaned it...it would simply be for something to do. The bike has been totally disassembled. I'm working today, but I plan to repack everything, true the wheels, and reassemble. Thoughts on swapping out the tires and grips for era correct?
  7. When I raced BMX, we were living in a very small town in southeast, lower Michigan. I had a close group of friends and we all shared the same love of the sport. We raced regularly. Always locally, but we did it regularly. From 1980-1984 bikes were how we filled our days. Riding, jumping, racing, doing tricks...our bikes took us everywhere. We rode to school nearly every day (2.5 miles each way) - even in winter. As time moved on and we reached the age of driving, the bikes were used less and less. I was the first one, regrettably, who sold my last childhood bike. 1982 Hutch Pro Racer sold for $125 in my parents yard sale in the Summer of 1984 to raise money to buy my first car (which I do still own). But when I rediscovered BMX and collecting, it always bothered me that I had sold my bike, especially having been born and raised by 'saver' and 'collector' type parents.. Years pass...decades pass...until September of this year. In a passing conversation with one of my old friends, he mentions that he is willing to sell his bike, which, ironically enough, is also a 1982 Hutch pro Racer. I asked for pictures. He sent them. It was like looking into 1982. We worked out a price. He was happy and I am happy. I own a 1982 Pro Racer again. A Pro Racer I actually rode in 1982. It's not MY original bike, but it's the closest I will ever come to it... Nothing on the bike is dated past 1982 other than the obvious - tires and grips. Hutch f/f CW Pro bars Ame Tri's (not bubble font) Pro Neck stem Beartrap 2 headset Tech 2 Lever MX1000 caliper (April 1982) Viscount seat Post??? Generic, I believe - and bent) Tuf Neck seat clamp Dura Ace cranks (175, October 1979) Shimano DX pedals (February, 1981) Araya 7X Sunshine Gyromaster hubs (December, 1981) Zeronine Airflow plate Knock off Comp 3 tread tires
  8. Awesome. I love the dark blue...and those pads! Get some links out of that chain!
  9. It’s all very exciting news. And it sounds like it is all GOOD news too! Like everyone, I am surprised. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but didn’t want to seem nosy by sniffing around in your business. I hope you and your wife flourish in the new location. As usual, the things you are doing sound intriguing, and I look forward to seeing and hearing more about it all. Congratulations to you Steve!
  10. Both are KKT K-MX. Are the top spindles incorrect? Or correct...but just a different year/style?
  11. Cool....I would love to go there one day. I imagine it to be a total blast. Nice pictures.