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  1. I was going to ask about the front sprocket. I really like it on that bike. Cool bike!
  2. I believe the earliest of the Redline bars that came after the original deeper-V nickel bars had no stamping. Soon, after, they went to stamping. They would be stamped in this area...
  3. Pedals would need to go as well if you want period correct. Maybe other parts as well (chain, sprocket, brake, etc) What is the stem? The bars look Redline to me. Are they stamped?
  4. Not a word....anywhere....at least that I have been able to find. Let me see what I can find out UPDATE: From what I was told, it sounds like it is imminent.
  5. Nice job Johan! You've been around forever. By the way, I still frequent your website for information.
  6. So if this seller will not ship Internationally, do you have a friend here in the US that the seller can ship to...then that person can ship to you?
  7. Ok, so this raffle ended up raising approximately $4,300 for Brett. It was mentioned yesterday during the raffle that Brett's outcome has been modified from "three months" to "just weeks". It sounds like he (and his mom, maybe?) are in Missouri. That's about all I know at this point. I know there are varying feelings, but I'm just posting what I have been told directly, from people who say they have been speaking to Brett and/or his mom on a daily basis. EDIT: To answer your question, Jason...no. I am only going by (a) Brett's own FB post saying that he has terminal liver cancer, and (b) the information being told to me from people who claim to be in daily contact with Brett.
  8. I asked around to see if there were other options available for people to donate/support (if they wanted to), but it sounds like this raffle is the only thing going on.
  9. I definitely remember the screen name. Sorry to hear this sad news.