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  1. VDC "Fred Jr." solid seat post IMAGE #1: Detailed on a page of random equipment in the November, 1980 issue of BMXA (page 58) IMAGE #2: The Fred Jr. solid post appears in an official VDC advertisement in the December, 1980 issue of BMXA (page 110) These seatposts are pretty cool with plastic/vinyl colored inserts that slide into the fluted recesses.
  2. Titron titanium axles The earliest ad I can find is June, 1980 BMXA.
  3. Cycle Pro Skinwall Snakebelly IMAGE #1: I was surprised to find this ad on page 44 of the June, 1978 BMXA. This tire was available earlier than I ever thought. Additionally, it seems that the skinwall came first! IMAGE #2: The earliest reference for a blackwall snakebelly is on page 6 of the August, 1979 BMXA
  4. UniSeat (Berg Designs) The earliest advertisement that I have been able to locate is on Page 44 of the August, 1978 BMXA. The thing that stands out to me is: "7 SUPER COLORS" I wonder what all seven colors were?
  5. Torker 6-Bolt Stem IMAGE #1: First seen in magazines in the March/April 1979 issue of BMXA on page 13 IMAGE #2: The Torker advertisement in the same March/April 1979 issue of BMXA on page 29 sys "be on the lookout". IMAGE #3: The Torker advertisement in the May, 1979 BMXA (on page 10) now includes an image of the stem available for purchase.
  6. Son-Lite Turbo hubs IMAGE #1: First seen in magazines on the cover of BMX Plus! in February, 1982 IMAGE #2: The February cover is then referenced in the "New Products" section of BMX Plus! in June, 1982 IMAGE #3: The very LAST reference I have been able to find for purchasing Son-Lite Turbo 1's is on page 50 of BMXA in November, 1985
  7. He still owns that bike. But he's not selling (at least I don't think he is)
  8. Here are screen shots of the listing with the sellers ID...
  9. It's still interesting to follow along and watch it unfold, but at this point....I don't even let it bother me anymore. FYI: I do appreciate people like Brian who dig in and call people out over the lunacy.
  10. Terrific changes Eli. I loved it before, but the chrome front end takes it up a notch. Great parts!