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  1. I like chainguards. They look awesome when stored properly in a drawer. lol
  2. Love it Rick. A great looking bike!
  3. Staying consistent...posting all my finished projects on the best website. I've been working on this one quietly over the past 18 months or so. Check it out. I'm really happy with how it turned out. 1980 Standard long. FRAME - JMC Standard long FORK - JMC HEADSET - Tange MX-2 HANDLEBARS - Schwinn Sting STEM - MCS GRIPS - Oakley CRANKS - Shimano 600 SPROCKET - Takagi CHAINRING BOLTS - Norm's Bike Shop BOTTOM BRACKET - Cook Brothers PEDALS - KKT rat trap CHAIN - Regina Oro SEAT CLAMP - Xcaliber SEAT POST - VDC SEAT - Kashimax MX HUBS - Phil Wood FREEWHEEL - SunTour 16T (3/32") RIMS - C&G Super Pro TIRE FRONT - Carlisle Aggressor TIRE REAR - Comp 2 BRAKE - Dia-Compe MX1000 BRAKE PADS - Mathauser LEVER - Dia-Compe prebent PADS - Rad Pads
  4. Here is a link to the original thread (11 years ago). There is a lot more information and pics of the headtube...
  5. Yea, It's a big change. I understand that it may not be everyones cup of tea, but I really like the way it turned out.
  6. This is a complete re-do of the Race Tech bike I originally found at a local yard sale back in 2009. I have included a picture of the bike as it used to be to show the difference. The frame, fork, headset and grips are the same....everything else is different. Everything is original finish with no reproduction. FRAME - ABM Race Tech FORK - Hutch Pro HEADSET - AMB Race Tech HANDLEBARS - Freshour Racing STEM - DK Pro GRIPS - Oakley B2 CRANKS - Redline Flight 401 BOTTOM BRACKET - 28tpi loose ball CHAIN RING - Pete's CHAIN RING BOLTS - Sugino DISC - Pro Neck PEDALS - Shimano DX CHAIN - Sedisport SEAT CLAMP - Cycle Pro SEAT POST - generic 7/8" SEAT - Kashimax Areo WHEELS - Skyway Tull 2 alloy TIRES - Comp 3 BRAKE - LEVER - Dia-Compe Tech 4 BRAKE - CABLE - Dia-Compe 1985 BRAKE - CALIPER - Dia-Compe MX900 BRAKE - PADS - Skyway Pro PADS - California Lite (2 frame pads and a stem pad) PLATE - Zeronine Moto Control
  7. I was going to ask about the front sprocket. I really like it on that bike. Cool bike!
  8. I believe the earliest of the Redline bars that came after the original deeper-V nickel bars had no stamping. Soon, after, they went to stamping. They would be stamped in this area...
  9. Pedals would need to go as well if you want period correct. Maybe other parts as well (chain, sprocket, brake, etc) What is the stem? The bars look Redline to me. Are they stamped?