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  1. It looks great Brian. What products do you use? (rubbing, polishing, wax)
  2. I snagged these off FB because I thought they were really cool. 1981 Knott's Berry Farm event plates White is Tracer Finn's actual event plate Blue is Leslie Burley-Cobb's actual event plate Red and green are Martin Brookes (collector, did not race the event) plates Picture from Knott's Berry Farm also shows Orange plates
  3. The casualties seem to be happening at a very rapid pace.
  4. BUMP! I often refer back to this thread. I'm just now noticing the label on the Comp 3 in the image Steve posted a couple years ago. Has anyone ever seen this label on a tire? Maybe I'm just forgetful....but this "Comp 2 script" on a Comp 3 tire seems new to me!
  5. I really like the plate too. I actually thought about lifting the Kuwahara decal off and replacing with SE, but I decided to leave it as-is. Race-used with moto stickers on it. There even a "double points" sticker on it.
  6. Last fall I picked up this frame set and wheel set from a seller in California. He purchased a complete bike from the original owner in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. I cleaned up the pieces and rebuilt it up the way I thought it would look good. Built to resemble the manner in which any kid might have ridden it in 1982. I’m happy with how it turned out. Original everything... Parts breakdown: FRAME: SE Racing PK Ripper FORK: Landing Gear HEADSET: Tange STEM: Tuf Neck BARS: SE Racing Powerwing GRIPS: Oakley .5 SEAT CLAMP: Excalibur SEAT POST: unknown (I believe MCS) SADDLE: Kashimax MX PEDALS: Shimano DX CRANKS: Takagi MX SPIDER: Takagi CHAIN RING: Shimano RIMS: 7C/7X HUBS: Bullseye TIRES: Comp 3 yellow label BRAKE: Dia-Compe MX900 BRAKE PADS: Kool Stop LEVER: Tech 3 CABLE: Terrycable PADS: California Lite PLATE: Haro Type 2 Picture below showing as-found from original owner...
  7. Wow! Very nice Brian. Congrats on the pickup! I noticed the forks immediately in the first picture...but im no expert, so I hope they are NOT bent. Really really cool. Looking forward to progress pictures.
  8. Yes. It's just a really neat looking bike. It was (in my opinion) dirt cheap, so I snapped it up....knowing I was not planning to dump any money into it. Super-cool to look at and have in the basement with the other bikes.
  9. Also, could this be after-market chrome? I ask because there is no (legible) serial number under the BB. If the chrome is after-market...it's OLD, because of the amount of rust that was on this thing.
  10. Yes, agreed. The bars would be the first thing I would replace. Seat as well...I’m with you. I used the Cinelli for now because it works with the Ashtabula finishes on the bike and it’s from the correct era.