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  1. Terrific changes Eli. I loved it before, but the chrome front end takes it up a notch. Great parts!
  2. Yea, I'm out. Not my type of video. For bike disassembly and re-assembly and 'restoration', I think this guy does the best videos. I like the fact that there is no talking and only the sound of the tools and parts. VIDEO
  3. Here's a closer shot of the cranks. I thought I posted one above, but I guess it slipped...
  4. So, I am told that the black frames were Warranty replacement frames? Is this correct? I was checking out the old Schwinn catalogs online, and black is not listed. Regarding the components on the bike...I agree...it is a crazy mix, but it's cool. The tires are actually the same - IRC Super MX-5 - and I agree, I really like the contrast in color. I wish the red components had not turned the usual faded pink, but I can get past it. Thanks for the kind words guys.
  5. (Posted on FB, but I always like posting on the site too) Every so often - over the years - I have been fortunate enough to stumble upon a complete bike that is really cool. This is one of those bikes. I have known about this Schwinn for quite a while, but I kept my trap shut. I asked the owner if I could circle back around to him when I had what I believed to be a reasonable amount of money to offer him for the bike. He agreed and 18+ months passed. On Election Day (I'll always remember it that way), I made him the offer and he accepted. 1981 Schwinn Sting survivor pick-up: FRAME: Schwinn Sting FORK: Schwinn HEADSET: Schwinn STEM: Schwinn BARS: ?? Schwinn approved alloy I assume GRIPS: Mushroom style BRAKE: Dia-Compe lever, generic caliper POST: Schwinn CLAMP: Schwinn SEAT: Kashimax Aero CRANKSET: Shimano DX PEDALS: Suntour MP-1000 RIMS: Araya 7C HUBS: Cook Brothers FREEWHEEL: Suntour TIRES: IRC MX-5
  6. Jealous. I would do this type of thing with my wife...but there is not way in hell she would be interested.
  7. I wish the canti mounts were not cut off bitd, but since it was done 35+ years ago, I didn’t want to mess with the frame. I think the short reach center pull looks good.
  8. Thank you Jason. I hope everything is going great for you!
  9. Back in September 2007 I put on my OS-BMX t-shirt and took my daughter to the local park on a Sunday morning. She was on the big playscape with two other youngsters. The father of the kids approached me and said, "Cool shirt. Are you a member of that site?". We start talking and we realize we raced in southeast Michigan during the same years (him: 80-86...me: 80-84). He told me that he still had a couple old bikes and asked me if I had ever heard of RRS. I said, "Oh yea! Great bikes!". He went on to tell me that he rode for Trackmaster (makers of RRS bikes) in the early 1980's. At the end of our discussion, I asked him to contact me if he ever decided to get rid of the bike. Fast forward 13 years. I received a text message this summer. He was ready to let the bike go and asked if I remembered that I told him to contact me. I did. We talked and came to an agreement on price. I purchased the bike as a partial complete. I had planned to use most of the purchased parts on my own “rebuild’ of the bike. But as I started investigating things and assessing the components, I quickly realized that many of the parts were far past the survivor condition I was excited about, so I started searching for the components I thought would be appropriate. The bike, as it is built now, is basically how I envision it. Trackmaster was based out of Hesperia, California. They were builders of motorcycle frames. In the very early 1980’s(?), they began to produce BMX framesets for companies such as Robinson, Patterson, Tahoe and RRS. Looking at this frame, it would seem that Trackmaster basically took (borrowed, stole) bits and pieces of trick technology of the day to put out their own brand. This frameset features ALL of the following: Floval tubing (top tube and down tube) Eccentric bottom bracket Square seat tube and seat post (with four sleeved through holes) Canti brake mounts Fixed ‘Pacman’ style dropouts front and rear I would describe it as a late 1982 bike with 100% original finish components. The seat tube decals are new, cut vinyl. The frameset has been through a lot (the canti brake mounts were cut off in the early 80’s) but it is a solid survivor and I have detailed provenance of this frame/fork/bb/seat post. A bike with real Michigan BMX racing history. FRAME: Trackmaster Phantom 24” FORK: Trackmaster HEADSET: Tange with original B.S. Dirt Skirt STEM: DK HANDLEBARS: Race Inc. GRIPS: Oakley II RIMS: Araya 7X SPOKES: .080 Stainless HUBS: Son-Lite Turbo TIRES: IRC Racer X-1 SEAT: Kashimax MX SEAT POST: Trackmaster BOTTOM BRACKET: Hatta/Trackmaster eccentric CHAIN: D.I.D. FREEWHEEL: Suntour 18T CRANKSET: Campagnolo Strada CHAIN RING: Campagnolo 42T PEDALS: Shimano DX BRAKE CALIPER: Dia-Compe 610 center pull BRAKE PADS: Kool Stop BRAKE LEVER: Shimano DX PADS: Cal Lite frame / Flite stem and bar PLATE: Hot Plate
  10. That is a bummer. Nice bars too. And nice DK(?) stem on it too!
  11. That's really nice! I now own a blue 79 as well...only 11 digits away from your serial number. Enjoy it!
  12. Damn, an AndyDiamond posting. I didn't know you were still around! Great bike bobafett! I like the fat/skinny C183's....but I can never seem to find any skinny ones.
  13. It looks great Brian. What products do you use? (rubbing, polishing, wax)
  14. I snagged these off FB because I thought they were really cool. 1981 Knott's Berry Farm event plates White is Tracer Finn's actual event plate Blue is Leslie Burley-Cobb's actual event plate Red and green are Martin Brookes (collector, did not race the event) plates Picture from Knott's Berry Farm also shows Orange plates
  15. The casualties seem to be happening at a very rapid pace.
  16. BUMP! I often refer back to this thread. I'm just now noticing the label on the Comp 3 in the image Steve posted a couple years ago. Has anyone ever seen this label on a tire? Maybe I'm just forgetful....but this "Comp 2 script" on a Comp 3 tire seems new to me!
  17. I really like the plate too. I actually thought about lifting the Kuwahara decal off and replacing with SE, but I decided to leave it as-is. Race-used with moto stickers on it. There even a "double points" sticker on it.