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  1. I feel it myself. Not so much bike burnout, but lack of time to participate. 'Real life' is consuming my days right now. I still love bikes and hate the fact that I made the choice not go to the Whittier Narrows show this year. I'm so busy nearly every day, that I haven't been posting like I used to/should be. I'm mentally exhausted by days end and I'll be honest - posting on Internet forums is not high on the priority list (we rarely use our home computer in recent months. It's actually quite a waste of money come to think of it). It's tough, because Steve is right - it's the hanging out that I hold most dear at this point. But as much as I like that and want that, my wife and I have made commitments to get our family 'set up' for the future. We are totally focused on doing things (physically and financially) NOW to give us the best shot of living low-stress later on. I may not be online much right now, but I will never go away. And paying my dues this years (and last year), will hopefully free up time and finances to allow me to join all of you out west again next year. As for selling off bikes, I sold one recently. I'm down to about 5 completes now. I'm not sure if I will sell more or not. I kind of like the number of bikes I'm at now. So Brett, please listen to the others. If you are confused or in doubt - don't sell! Just hold on to it.... Tom BMX Society 'lifer'
  2. I thought I would be safer saying "rice milk" instead of sounding like some white-bread, dumb-fug, midwesterner trying to 'get his accent on' by rolling my R's when I said Horchata. The next time I'm in there, I go for it!
  3. "Rice Milk, please" (as they all giggle at me) That place was great. ONE burrito is plenty!
  4. Great bike! Great pics too. Looks fantastic with the gold.
  5. Where is this happening? Local to you in person? Or is this an 'online' assassination?
  6. I just wish I was in a position to go this year Trevor. Do what you have to. Make the trip. It is such a fun weekend.
  7. Build for and enjoyed by - my daughter.
  8. This thread is totally amazing! "CSI" is no joke! You sleuths are amazing! Post more of the negatives! But how do you end up on the sidewalk laying the magazine on a sprinkler head to take the pics of it?
  9. MOTOS is definitely the coolest logo around....
  10. Nice to see you posting Karl. I guess I'm out of it...as I didn't realize there was a 29" quad. Looks like the neighbors are coming out to watch...
  11. Another one I think looks terrific, but I know NOTHING about it, is the Hutch logo with just the "H" and a bunch of small stars after it. I think it appeared on downtubes and pads toward the end of Hutch. I've always thought that was cool looking.
  12. Chrome, white and gold? You don't see that color combo every day. Cool bike for sure. Ditch the white stuff and tires. Wheelset is super-sweet!
  13. Johan just does-his-thing. I'm not a Freestyle person, but I agree with Steve above...great to see unique European brands.
  14. I love it. I have always thought Ron to be so interesting and fascinating. Only complaint: Couldn't we have included at least ONE class picture from the California youth years? Nice job Jake and thanks for taking the time Ron!
  15. Mel is already doing it with some of his old photos.....hang on, I will find the information... Here you go - CLICK HERE for some photos available for purchase directly from Mel.
  16. The way I understand it...it WAS a Hutch Judge frameset that was converted into a pit bike. It was not a donor Judge supplied by the owner, but a donor Judge frame supplied by Chip at C4 labs. To my knowledge, the condition of the frame used has yet to be identified.
  17. Cool. I like it! I believe that Randy "Chef" Chamberlain used to have a Racer X bike about 6-7 years ago. I always thought it was cool. Red is a great color too....
  18. Wow...cool, Lee. It's made me remember back to 2002-ish when I first discovered old BMX. For some reason, my initial desire was to build a pink Hutch Hollywood. I'm not sure why as I never had one or wanted one BITD. I was buying a bunch of white parts for it. After about a month or so, it was like I woke up and thought to myself: Why am I not building a bike like the one I actually used to own? I immediately sold all the white parts and started buying parts for a chrome Pro Racer like I owned when I was young. Anyway, back to your bike...looks like a fun project, Lee. I look forward to following along. We don't see too many Hollywood projects.