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  1. The way I understand it...it WAS a Hutch Judge frameset that was converted into a pit bike. It was not a donor Judge supplied by the owner, but a donor Judge frame supplied by Chip at C4 labs. To my knowledge, the condition of the frame used has yet to be identified.
  2. Cool. I like it! I believe that Randy "Chef" Chamberlain used to have a Racer X bike about 6-7 years ago. I always thought it was cool. Red is a great color too....
  3. Wow...cool, Lee. It's made me remember back to 2002-ish when I first discovered old BMX. For some reason, my initial desire was to build a pink Hutch Hollywood. I'm not sure why as I never had one or wanted one BITD. I was buying a bunch of white parts for it. After about a month or so, it was like I woke up and thought to myself: Why am I not building a bike like the one I actually used to own? I immediately sold all the white parts and started buying parts for a chrome Pro Racer like I owned when I was young. Anyway, back to your bike...looks like a fun project, Lee. I look forward to following along. We don't see too many Hollywood projects.
  4. Nice pics Jay. I've always been envious of those with 'legit' cameras. Pictures are serious art...and having a competent camera makes a huge difference.
  5. Ummm, don't you mean 7 years tomorrow? I just realized that I joined on my wife's birthday! Ha.
  6. Love it! And I really love the color. Very cool bike
  7. I'm wondering...is the grass just high in Pic #1 or is the BB shell on these old MotoPro's frames especially low? For some reason, that was the first thing that caught my eye. Now I'm curious. Does it sit lower than other 'mid 70's bmx bikes'? The color is incredible, William. I love the bike! Extremely cool.
  8. Man...I haven't even heard that name (J.V.) is about 4+ years...
  9. I'm going to be there....why not, right? March in the D, baby!
  10. I still giggle every time I see someone post "Made love bro..." Who made the OG spelling error? It was Jason, wasn't it? Maybe 4 years ago?
  11. Looks cool! Always loved the looks of these frames.
  12. Don....glad we got to say hello again and chat for a minute. Always nice to see you.
  13. Ed said they were around 300 bikes total. It looked like way more than that to me. It was really full. Even spilling into the second room they have. I got there really late this year after a 7 hour, 15 minute drive, but was glad I went. Ed and his family are wonderful hosts. Random stuff... Profile-made (I think) Hutch forks on a drilled brake bridge bike... Ron (area211) really surprised me with this new bike. Early JMC Mini Overview (sort of)... Chicagoland Speedway behind me as I was leaving... Got my beer too! Thank you Todzilla, Kimzilla, Ron Area211 and everyone else who offered to drive it home for me had I not shown up.
  14. I'm more happy to see the blue Cruiser! That one was from Colorado about 5-6 years ago, wasn't it? As I remember the Egay auction, it was built up and sold as a complete. It had pics of the bike on an outdoor deck with a scenic background, right? Still the only REAL DEAL OG blue cruiser around, right?
  15. Nice! I'm a real sucker for the old Dura Ace stuff! Cranks, hubs.....LOVE IT!
  17. Loving this thread. So pick up the pace of these 'updates'!!!
  18. Yea, so what's up Andreas? We need to see more pics. We're ready for story time...
  19. As I remember it...BMX Products was coming out with the stamped items during that year. I have always believed that stamped headsets, BB's are perfectly acceptable for an era-correct 1979 Mongoose. EDIT: Yes, here is confirmation...1979 was the year for stamped stuff (note the year of the catalog at bottom-right): Image courtesy of VintageMongoose
  20. "Hoppy"?, "Skip"?....what division did "Jumpy" oversee?
  21. wow....really cool. such a treat to see something totally new (and old)....
  22. Yea, come on Jon...no keeping secrets! Lets see the rest of the bike! Stem is cool, but I have no idea what it is.